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Clone Wars Timeline

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05.08.2014 , 03:13 AM | #1
So as of the writing of this post, the entirety of the official Clone Wars canon now consists of Episode II, the Clone Wars movie and TV show, and Episode III. But Lucasfilm has said that while the rest of the EU is currently in "Legends" status that they will be borrowing and re-canonizing elements of the old EU according to if it fits or not.

Given just how convoluted the Clone Wars timeline was prior to the canon overhaul--we had the films, the show, the cartoon mini-series, comics, novels, junior novels, short stories, games, all devoted to a war that lasted for three years, and it's not like they were using the 24-style time progression in order to make the most of what little time they had in the continuity--this is excellent news for fans of that era, since it greatly cleans up that period in the timeline.

What are the chances that sometime down the line, Lucasfilm and their Story Group will release an official definitive Clone War timeline, chronicling every event and battle, and listing all the stories that count toward the official timeline?

As a fan of the Clone Wars all the way back from the three-year time gap between Episodes II and III, who used to follow all the stories as they came out, as if I was watching/reading the War play out in real time, I hope they do this, since I've been heavily discouraged by that era ever since 2008 when they decided to revisit the conflict by adding a wealth of new material to an already crowded time period. It would be nice to be able to track the linear progression of the War as a whole, from the Battle of Geonosis to the Mustafar Massacre.
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