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Summer of SWTOR Update

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.07.2014 , 07:13 PM | #191
Quote: Originally Posted by idnewton View Post
How can you possibly add Casino support without adding Pazaak?!? You can no longer claim that you wish to avoid the Gambling ESRB tag. You can't claim it's a "tech limitation" even if that's true, since every time you've said that in the past it's really just been shown to be a lie. You can't say it ain't Star Wars, since it's more Star Wars than slot machines are...

Y U NO!?
I concur, What he said!
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05.07.2014 , 07:54 PM | #192
I don't like the idea of double warzone comms, its just making it easier for those with not a lot of skill to get geared.

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05.07.2014 , 08:04 PM | #193
I like what I read. Keep it up BioWare!

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05.07.2014 , 08:19 PM | #194
Welp. Once again I entered the thread, read the Bioware post, and smiled, before declaring it to be, in my mind "Cool."

...Then read the community comments and immediately sighed as my moment of happiness was wiped out by everybody telling Bioware how much they suck. Parts of this forum are REALLY depressing, yo.

Anyway... The Casino event has me VERY intrigued!
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Quote: Originally Posted by Ocho-Quatro View Post
I've been thinking about stacking Accuracy and Alacrity on my tank... So I can taunt much faster, and make sure my taunts don't miss and accidentally hit a tree or something. That tree aggro can be pretty terrible.

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05.07.2014 , 08:30 PM | #195
Quote: Originally Posted by JaingSkiratapwns View Post
I don't like the idea of double warzone comms, its just making it easier for those with not a lot of skill to get geared.
It really shouldn't matter how fast they get the gear or not. If two people are equally geared, but the other sucks, the other will win. Not seeing the problem aside making a window of opportunity to close the gap between those who have grinded for months on a single character and win their duels on the basis of gear and those who just began who know their rotations but get trounced because they gear have is ****.

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05.07.2014 , 08:49 PM | #196
Quote: Originally Posted by JaingSkiratapwns View Post
I don't like the idea of double warzone comms, its just making it easier for those with not a lot of skill to get geared.
Just a question, but if you are skilled and geared, and the unskilled become geared, don't you still win, or are you one of 'those' PVP players who say they win through skill but mean through gear?

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05.07.2014 , 08:51 PM | #197
Quote: Originally Posted by AshlaBoga View Post
I'm sure someone has already pointed this out but on certain fights 16 man isn't all that more forgiving than 8 man. The ones where we have to spread out come to mind.
maybe but in general it's true, as it is DP and DF aren't on the GF so assuming it's just TFB and S&V yeah 16 man is pretty forgiving

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05.07.2014 , 08:57 PM | #198
Here's the thing, I have been a consistent supporter of SWTOR's content cadence. I also completely agree with what others have said that the right approach for BW/EA to take is to make sure that they are releasing different types of content to cater to different segments of their player-base. For that reason I don't particularly mind when an update doesn't have Content Type [A] because it is focusing on Content Type [B] and Content Type [C] instead.

Heck, I even happen to think that the Casino Event, in-and-of itself, sounds kinda cool.

But, even taking all that into account, this patch still seems incredibly light on content. One new Op difficulty level and one new Event just isn't enough volume of content, even setting aside the issue of how they've been distributing their content among the different "constituencies" of players. And while bringing back the Gree and (presumably) the Rak Events are obviously intended to off-set that a bit, they're no substitute for genuine new content.

I am fully on-board with the decision to move back the Strongholds content in order to give it the release they feel it deserves - and I accept that, as a result, this patch is of course going to be lighter on content than originally intended, but this is too light. Moving Strongholds and stripping out the new Starfighter class from the same update was just too much.

If the Casino event is, in fact, more complex and engaging than the description makes it sound, then maybe I can see it being enough to carry a content update (alongside the NiM DP), but it really doesn't come across that way right now.

I'm not jumping ship, I'm not saying SWTOR is in "maintenance mode" or is "dead", I'm just saying this particular patch is looking really disappointing right now, and that's the first time I have been able to say that about an update for this game in a long time.
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05.07.2014 , 09:15 PM | #199
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarfux View Post
Don't worry Collinc They will keep giving us information about stuff as time goes on. It always works out in the end. I can understand you though.
I understand. I just want something to look forward to. Thank you.

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05.07.2014 , 09:41 PM | #200
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarfux View Post
Just curious. What is it that you are expecting exactly?
A roadmap? not a update haha.
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