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Species Analysis: Shistavanens

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Species Analysis: Shistavanens

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05.06.2014 , 11:43 AM | #1
Well am back with these things, this time going into something new! Species! Abit this will probably be my only thread of this kind however.

Shistavanens have to be quite possibly, my favorite species out of them all in the Star Wars Universe. So with that, let us get to it!


Shistavanens are humanoid canines from the Uvena star system, as a species they are isolationists, preferring to be with their own kind making them a sort of xenophobic group. However they don't forbid other aliens coming to their system, but they are prejudice towards non-Shistavanens as shown with their restrictive laws and trade rules and due to their xenophobic society they are rarely talkative, when on other worlds they tend to be by themselves or with others of their own kind, however some have been known to be outgoing and are hired as bounty hunters, pilots, mercenaries, crime lords, big game hunters, bodyguards, scouts, and Jedi.

Also due to in part of their society, during the New Order of the Galactic Empire it did cause some friction between them. However Intelligence saw the Shistavanens as being valuable given the species talents rather than make an example out of them.

While Shistavanens are suspicious of other species, so other species are openly afraid of Shistavanens, as is apparent in this journal entry written by a Shistavanen student at the University of Courscant.

"My parents, Tagg and Nira Sivark, sacrificed a great deal to send me off planet to go to school. Studying cartography has been my dream ever since my uncle showed his great heroism as a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. But....they don't like me here, everyone is afraid of me and they run away if they see my coming, no one wants to talk to me, even my professors!

Our people have been private for so long that others react only to my appearance and refuse to look beyond it. To them I seem a constant threat. Perhaps our people are right to remain apart, among others we're only misunderstood."

Uvena Prime is a self-sufficient world and the Shistavanens have even colonized all the unpopulated worlds in the Uvena system to prevent strangers from doing so. Most of the population is hyperspace-level technology though some pockets of civilization to remain lower due to their isolationist ideology.


Like most canine species, Shistavanens have muzzles, doglike ears, sharp fangs and claws on their hands and feet which they can use as weapons. They can walk on all fours or two, they make for excellent hunters and trackers, being able to locate prey through crowded streets or desolate plains, they have highly developed abilities such as their sight in which they can see in near total darkness, along with their hearing and smell. They are also extremely fast and posses remarkable endurance.

Adults stand between 1.3 to 1.9 meters tall with the males being more powerfully built with thick brown or black fur.

Shistavanens speak their own langauge which mainly consist of growls and barks though by the time of the Galactic Empire most Shistavanens were fluent in both their langauge and Basic.

Notable Shistavanens(not all):

Voolvif Monn(Powerful Jedi Master during the Clone Wars)

Lak Sivrak(former Imperial Scout, later joined the Alliance)

Riv Shiel(Rogue Squadron pilot).


Shistavanen fighting.

Closer image, holding a thermal detonator.

Conclusion: Well there ya have it folks, my favorite species in Star Wars! Enjoy the read!
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05.07.2014 , 09:24 AM | #2
No thoughts?
"There is one lesson you've yet to learn. How to become one with the Force!"
―Cin Drallig to Darth Vader

Maucs the Tauntaun King, former SWG player.

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05.07.2014 , 09:46 AM | #3
Well I enjoyed Riv Shiel in the X-wing series. I feel they are underrepresented in the lore though, overshadowed by the Bothans who in turn seem to be overshadowed in the OR era by the Cathar.

Nice write up, I didn't most of this stuff about the Shistavanens...
I know if you look deep into your heart- which is currently all over that tree- you'll find a way to forgive me.

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05.07.2014 , 10:47 AM | #4
Nice write-up. The Shistavanens are definitely an interesting race, although my were-wolf species of choice is still the Codru-Ji
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