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Returning player

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05.06.2014 , 07:48 AM | #1
Hey everyone just returned after few years break didn't get too far before only lvl 30
And thinking coming back but kinda stuck on a class previous mmos have always been a melee class now I fancy a change and has to be imperial so now I'm deciding between either a bounty hunter or a imperial agent played a inquisitor for a while just didn't like story much anyone with any input be great

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05.06.2014 , 08:16 AM | #2
The powertech and operative advanced classes are technically melee range but you have that extra bit of freedom to move around. Your not generally always inside 4m but rather 10m. Ill just give a quick overview and my 2 cents on each AC below:

Bounty Hunter
The powertech can either tank or DPS. Tanking is great with a nice pull and a unique AoE taunt (the taunt is fired at a distance target rather than a PbAoE around your character). There are some powerful standard and hybrid builds for the DPS side. Overall the class is good and is desirable throughout all game modes.

The mercenary is quite popular just now due to ranged recently receiving a buff. They are a ranged class with heavy armor and can either spec heal or DPS. Both spec's are actively played by alot of players. However i will say that the merc healing is probably the least desirable in end game raiding. The sorc healer has AoE and big heals and the operative has a lot of HoTs and can move a lot.

Story wise a lot of people enjoy the bounty hunter (who doesn't like boba fett). I think quite a few people feel that act I was very strong and it fizzles out a bit. However if you like to RP your characters im sure you will enjoy it. The voice actor is good its the "previously on AMC's the walking dead" guy lol. Companions, up until treek came out "the healer" (no spoilers) was regarded as the best healer in the game (due to bonus DMG stats which i do not think was intenional on BW's part)

Imperial Agent
The operative can heal and also DPS. Healing on the operative shines because of their ability to constantly move, you will often find operative healers in PvP and end game PvE for this sole purpose, they (like their DPS counter parts) can also stealth. Currently as it stands the operatives DPS is some of the best in the game, not only is their burst potential killer in PvP etc but in end gaming raiding they are highly viable for sustain. Overall the operative has and always will be one of the best classes in the game.

The sniper is a straight up "turret" style DPS. It seems that operative is more popular these days but the sniper will always be desirable in end game PvE, they have very high sustained DPS but at times require movement due to mechanics and it their rotations become interupted. I haven't played one endgame yet but by the looks of it good snipers know all 3 trees and are constantly changing them (more so than other classes) to fit individual raid mechanics. I have also seen them played pretty well in PvP and they shine on maps such as the new huttball etc. However, in arena's they suffer greatly due to the scale and speed of the engagement(s) but also from the ability to be LoS behind objectives. Hopefully though they will receive some kind of help in this area soon as BW now effectively balance around these fights.

As for story, well its greatly regarded as the best story out of the lot. I haven't seen it all but alot of people swear by it. The agent's ship is also stunning (tied with the fury imo) for aesthetics. Im not a big fan of the voice acting of the male imp agent (never tried female) but it does however fit the part so cant fault it really.

Just wrote that up quickly, if you want to know anything more i will try reply. Hope you make the right decision for you. Also the game is 10x better than it was at launch and i'm sure you will enjoy your time
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05.06.2014 , 08:20 AM | #3
Well, Imperial agent has probably the best storyline in the whole swtor (many people think so and I definitely enjoyed playing as IA) BH is not so bad either, at least the first chapter is great. (haven't played the second yet)
It depends on what you are expecting from the story... As IA, you are a secret agent, something like James Bond, espionage, disguises, betrayal, working in the shadows...
As BH, you are a killer for hire, doing a lot of dirty jobs (or you can choose to have a working code and honor), you are searching and then either killing or capturing targets... I think that BH has a better starter companion and she is a healer.
I play as Sniper (advanced class of IA) and it's great, you hide behind some rock and shoot everything with your rifle, while laughing as mad.
And I have also tried Powertech (advanced class of BH), and that's different, but also great - you burn everything and you are doing a lot of damage, it's fun.

Maybe you can try both and then decide what suits you better. I think that would be the best option.

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05.06.2014 , 04:39 PM | #4
decided o Bh having a blast atm literally arsenal dps is kinda insane lol just got to naa shada pretty good story atm thanks for your input guys