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Say chatter bug

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Sirolar's Avatar

05.14.2014 , 05:09 AM | #21
Sooo, apparently it's still not a high enough priority to find the cause of this and get it fixed right away. Instead technically unpublished material on the PTS seems to be on their mind much more.

I know different people do different stuff, but seriously, guys: Are we paying for the content in game right now (and that includes in very big parts the social interaction) or for content that's coming some time in the future?

Get it fixed, jeez.

Zerak's Avatar

05.14.2014 , 10:21 AM | #22
Definately a problem that should be fixed asap.. I was thinking it'd be something that should get a hotfix, tbh, once I saw it was happening.
Zerrak Utharr
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Khalhazar's Avatar

05.14.2014 , 04:27 PM | #23
This is absolutely wrecking cross-faction RP. It's not just eliminating arena smacktalk. It's driving RPers onto 3rd party sites and, worse, away from the game.

No chat log is bad enough for RP; I didn't think it could get worse. But I was wrong: no *chat* is worse.
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tracyleah's Avatar

05.16.2014 , 11:15 PM | #24
Frankly I am appalled that this continues to be an issue. How long has it been, now? Is it something that is even getting looked at, or was it conveniently forgotten about? I agree with how it's driving people away from the game, most definitely. Massive portions of server communities are put on hold while we all twiddle our thumbs praying and hoping we'd get at the very least an update on this. Anything? At all?

Sirolar's Avatar

05.17.2014 , 03:32 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by tracyleah View Post
Frankly I am appalled that this continues to be an issue. How long has it been, now?[...]
Monday it'll be three weeks. And we'll reach that mark because of weekend and all that.

Phylok's Avatar

05.19.2014 , 06:44 AM | #26
This is still an issue, there is another thread for this in the General area that's 8 pages long. An update on this would be nice, because as it stands right now, inaction or lack of word from you (the dev team) is hurting your customer base.
Phylok Starfire
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Mirielle's Avatar

05.20.2014 , 11:18 AM | #27
Post-patch from today, this chat bug is still evident within The Progenitor server. Having no word from the devs about steps taken to ensure this bug is fixed is extremely disappointing to say the least - the Progenitor has fostered some enjoyable cross-faction hubs for roleplay and at this time, the bug is stopping players from being able to chat and roleplay with each other and is serious affecting the community already.
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SethAltair's Avatar

05.20.2014 , 11:18 AM | #28
It seems the problem persists still after today's maintenance. Do we know if the issue has been addressed yet? It is stifling all the cross-faction RP and Nar Shaddaa is practically desolate these days.

Darth_Orias's Avatar

05.20.2014 , 11:18 AM | #29
Looks like the issue is still on going even after today's patch. It's been, what, three weeks now? This problem is incredibly destructive to RP servers. An update, ETA on the fix or at least a confirmation that this is being looked into would be nice, or are we to assume devs do not consider fixing the chat worth the time?

Qilikatal's Avatar

05.20.2014 , 11:22 AM | #30
This keeps getting on my nerves. Fix please.

If not there are alot of games out there with chat systems not broken.