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Both DPS and Healing, do you keep 2 sets of gear with you or just do it?

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Both DPS and Healing, do you keep 2 sets of gear with you or just do it?

Larsenex's Avatar

04.28.2014 , 05:21 PM | #1

Lately I have been healing a lot more than doing dps. What has been happening is I get into a flashpoint as DPS and viola, the 'healer' was actually a dps who wanted to get into a group. So I will respec on the fly and just be the healer.

Granted I started my Operative from Beta as a healer so I learned this class and its abilities from the ground up as a healer. I have ended up healing hard mode core meltdown 3 times lately because the healer could not do it.

I am in pretty much full elite dps gear (accuracy/power/crit). I do know that having about 560 alacrity would make my job somewhat easier and I am thinking about just carrying around 5 or 6 alacrity enhancements and swapping the damn things out if I get into a FP and have to heal again.

Are there any of you out there that do both DPS and heal as needed to get that group going? Do you carry TWO sets of gear or just go in with your gear as is?

Would it be even worth it to carry the enhancements to swap or too much money and too much of a pain?

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bluecheesebandit's Avatar

04.29.2014 , 05:53 PM | #2
It kind of depends on what level you are dpsing or healing at. For HM flashpoints, I think you could probably keep the same gear set and do fine. Once you get into an operation where your dps or healing really makes a difference (SMs with lower geared people, or any HM) yes, swapping enhancements is totally worth it and even necessary. I know one operative quite well who has both dps and healing enhancements and I'm getting a dps set for my sorcerer. Make sure you have power/surge stuff in your earpiece and implants, and flip out enhancements, trading accuracy for alacrity.

And come to think of it, you will probably be a detriment to any group if you do not have role appropriate gear, which is usually fine for SM ops and FPs as other players are often vastly overgeared, but if you'd like to actually pull your own weight, get two sets. (of enhancements)

Kadjunga's Avatar

04.30.2014 , 06:29 AM | #3
what cheesebandit said.

until you start doing progression raiding in NiM ( or HM ) then using dps gear while healing is fine and vice versa. Once you reach a point that you have to get the absolute max out of your class, then is when you want to get a set gearset for that.

personally, i just carry around my heal gear and just respec around if need be. Sure, i lose a chunk of dps from missing but for sm ops... who cares?

BobaFaceroll's Avatar

04.30.2014 , 07:41 AM | #4
I carry two sets of gear. For HM PFs or SM Ops it's not necessary as it's very easy for your group/op to overgear this level of content. For anything tougher you want dedicated gear. It's annoying, and costs you extra time and credits, but it's worth it for the performance gain.

You can minimize the expense and annoyance by planning ahead. Both healing and DPS will want Surge. Get your Surge from items you won't need to change out: Earpiece, Implants, and Weapons. In your armor sets you'll want different set bonuses for each role so you'll be swapping those no matter what. Keep your Accuracy and Alacrity here, along with your different set bonuses. You'll only have to have 5 different pieces in your bags to properly re-gear for a different role....all the rest of the slots will work for both.

Larsenex's Avatar

04.30.2014 , 08:44 AM | #5
Thanks, I did not think about the Implants/earpiece idea. Ill make that change first and work on individual gearing on right side pieces.
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Tachenko_Yuri's Avatar

04.30.2014 , 08:54 AM | #6
1 commando (mainly) healer here:

splashing out credits to min/max my healer 78 including df set bonus stuff, I do however keep about a 72 dps suit

Both suits share relics, implants and earpiece and off-hand, but the armor itself gets changed to dps stats ( accuracy ) as well as having a " dps " mainhand, speeds up dailies and 72 comm suit is also useful for a change in tactical fps and the odd sm OP.

*Field Respec is advisable*
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