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Deployment Based Guild

ekwalizer's Avatar

04.27.2014 , 11:32 AM | #1
Ever get tired of missing out on your main guild events due to the crazy time-zone you are in? Me too. That's why I'd like to re-purpose my (currently dead) guild, Virtute et Armis into a guild where service-members, vets, retirees, oversees contractors and their families can join and call home.

Requirements: Nothing major, just a desire to have fun in the game with folks who are closer to your timezone, understand the craptastic nature of deployed internet, and would like to game with folks you generally understand.

What we do after will be up to us as a guild, in so far as the direction the guild takes (PvP, PvE, GSF, All of the Above).

If you are interested in setting up something like this, IG email me: Ciks