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Operative Heals LF HM Progression Guild and PvP

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Operative Heals LF HM Progression Guild and PvP

musicmanpw's Avatar

04.26.2014 , 11:30 PM | #1
Hey folks. I am looking for a Good home for my toon.
I want to earn my way into a progression raid team and stay for the long haul
I am looking for a group of folks that do not mind Committing to a single boss until it is dead.
I am looking for a Very Capable Raid group. I will be a very capable healer.

My prefered guild would be very small guild with Good rules to filter out folks not ready for progression raiding.
Also would like to have a home where there are a few folks interested in Casual pvp.

I still have some work to do in my char to be HM ready but she is close. And i like to think that my skill will make up for lack of 180's

Message me in game Paí mail or PM is fine the code for my the "i" in my name is "alt 161"