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Is SWTOR Part of New "Legends"? Or New Canon?

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Is SWTOR Part of New "Legends"? Or New Canon?

ericpeterson's Avatar

05.11.2014 , 02:50 PM | #91
Yeah, glad I watched it. It's pretty much the opposite of what I read someone else paraphrase. It's kind of hard to hear what he says over the game, but from Charles Boyd's reply, I can ascertain:

- The SWTOR team DOES send stuff to the story group and interact with them.
- Says they are cool to work with.
- They mostly check to make sure that stuff "fits."

It's still not a positive assertion that SWTOR is Legends or Canon. It could be that the story group is just monitoring SWTOR because things are still uncertain. Who knows. But at least we do know that the Story Group credit isn't lip service, or just a legal thing. And that even after April 25th's announcement, they still do interact. The Story Group is still overseeing SWTOR for some reason.

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05.11.2014 , 03:03 PM | #92
Interesting to hear than SWTOR's involvement with the Story Group is legitimate. Nice find.

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05.13.2014 , 06:28 AM | #93
Quote: Originally Posted by Beniboybling View Post
Interesting to hear than SWTOR's involvement with the Story Group is legitimate. Nice find.
Hopeful if nothing else, I think with Disney at the helm, and their known hunger for credits, might just be that we are closer to a TOR movie or TV series then we ever been ...

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07.29.2014 , 08:47 PM | #94
Wrong. The distinction of C-Canon, and Legends is frustrating, because "C-Canon" sometimes DID have direct Lucas involvement (Timothy Zahn books, Clone Wars novels, Boba Fett, etc.) that was later referenced or retconned into T-Canon. Also, most games and novels needed Lucasfilm approval, which usually meant the go ahead from Lucas. You should see the list of books that were shelved.

The new story group has also stated that while Legends is no longer considered canon, they will likely incorporate certain Legends (characters, planets, history, certain story lines, etc.) into the new storyline. I refuse to buy the line, that if Lucas didn't directly do it, it didn't count. Which is a completely false statement in it's entirety. Lucas had LOTS of involvement in the direction of the EU universe, which is why C-Canon was STILL considered Canon (at the time), only N and D were entirely NOT canon. With the distinction from the story group, I would say that SWTOR story will be written from now on with their approval, and anything wrote prior, will technically be considered Legends, like KOTOR, but will be considered in new canon as historical preludes. There is even rumors that Darth Vitiate, the current Sith Emperor, will in fact have a historical influence on the villain in the new movies. So while this still has the hallmarks of speculation, I believe they are rational assumptions with enough evidence to be legitimate predictions. Though the Darth Vitiate thing, we will have to see. I wouldn't be surprised however, Abrams has the largest collection of Star Wars figurines in Hollywood, and has expressed publicly that he was and is a Star Wars geek. SO I think his respect for canon and EU is likely very much there.

I was personally hurt with the announcement of Legends, mainly because I came to love so many of the EU characters and stories even more than the movies. It is heartbreaking to spend so many days and hours being absorbed into it, and then finding out that the new installments in the future are going to be something different than what you once believed was a true and established continuity. I was ANGRY at the nerve seemingly being displayed by Disney, to come out and de-legitimatize all of this, just because they passed some money around. I am sad, that the new movies/video games/books will likely not have Jacen/Jaina/Anakin Solo, Kyp Duron, Mara Jade, Corran Horn, Ben Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, and many, many others. Though like I stated, you never know, the story group does intend to use some Legends rewritten as canon.

But, I admit, my opinion is changing. First, it's common knowledge that to get movies produced you have to play the Hollywood game. In that game, there are many things taken in consideration, much more than just what the established communities opinion is going to be. When producing new movies, it's not usually wise to try and screen adapt several hundred novels and establish a continuity like what the EU has. It is probably impossible, and what is more impossible is doing it without screwing it up in some way, shape or form. Many of us have to finally admit, that it is going to have to be more focused from now on like the original author of this post said. There is some real good things coming out of this that may even be better than the old established lore. I believe the story group will make many strides to accommodate us, and perhaps re-establish some of our Legends into the new canon, and I look forward to it. It is very encouraging that SWTOR, in my opinion, will actually be written as canon or at least relative to it in some ways. It is also encouraging that this sort of reboot/renig what ever you want to call it, is going to spawn more movies, more video games, and more books etc. Which means another 20-30 years of Star Wars relevance that your kids, and maybe even their kids can enjoy. There are rumors of another Star Wars MMO in the works that will be canon, and is going to be in development shortly so we may actually see an announcement for it in the near but distant future. And that this MMO will likely include SWTOR lore, with references to our current characters.

When all is said and done, as far as I am concerned SWTOR is canon, and will continue to be till they finish, since none of it's story does or is likely to contradict anything included in current canon. The story group also has the ability to make sure it remains canon from now on. So don't worry guys. Thanks.
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