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LF active PvE guild

LiquidSix's Avatar

04.26.2014 , 08:53 PM | #1
I'm just returning from a hiatus from the game. I've been playing since release and have a little over a dozen 55's between pubs and imps, where some are geared for endgame content. I usually play pub side. I left shortly after the release of DF and DP so I'm relatively new to that content, however I've cleared just about every other operation before that on all difficulties barring a few bosses in NiM. I was a tank in my old guild but I have plenty of experience healing and dpsing for both pub and imp sides. If your interested in a skilled PvE-er leave your ingame name and I'll be sure to respond with mail, or I can respond in this thread.

RiVaN_'s Avatar

04.27.2014 , 09:08 AM | #2

Souls Of Fate is always looking for folks who are looking for a guild.
We have cleared all HM content in 8 Man and are putting together a 16 man HM Progression group these days. We have the 10% bonus to Rep and XP so if you are still working on leveling toons or getting Reputation built up that can be helpful.

We do a little bit of everything and we have all types of players in our guild.

We have an Impside guild as well but it doesn't see as much action as the pub side does.

If you are interested check out or send me an in-game mail on any of the 3 toons listed in my signature.
Ra'mel, Merc - The Gentelman Bastards
Nikolete, Scoundrel - Republic Flashfire
Drivan, Sentinel - Souls of Fate
Jedi Covenant

Vallenar's Avatar

04.27.2014 , 11:41 AM | #3
Greetings LiquidSix!

First and foremost, welcome back to the game. Always good to have talented folks, especially tanks, back on JC.
In your search for a new guild I'd ask you consider Templars as a possible landing spot for your tank. We are a casual/progressive ops guild currently running HM DF and DP - hope to be in NiM content in the next few weeks.

We are a team focused, fun, and mature guild who treat this game as a hobby and not a part time job. Folks who seem to fit in well with our crew are ages between 20-40, are team focused, fun, and know their class and how to prepare and gear for raids well.

Our current raiding schedule is Thur, Fri, & Sat at 9:30pm est. DF and DP are run on Thur and Fri, we then run either TFB or SV HM on Saturday night.

Good luck in your search and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me, Trantor, in-game or apply directly on our website. Have a good one!
Trantor - Mercenary - Jedi Covenant
Guild/Raid Leader of Templars
Templars Is Recruiting