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LF Empire PVE/PVP/casual guild - alt friendly

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LF Empire PVE/PVP/casual guild - alt friendly

Eire's Avatar

04.25.2014 , 05:31 PM | #1
Greetings everyone,

Long time player with a couple 55s scattered across the galaxies. On this server I have a 55 Jugg (Immortal spec) with "decent" gear (just started running through Orican) who is also 450 Synth. I do like to level alts, couple near 30 now, and wanted to start a Marauder as well. I don't raid a lot, but wouldn't mind helping with some smaller groups, maybe flashpoints here and there. I don't play as much as I like, but starting in July should be able to dedicate a lot more time. As for now I am mostly casually on during the evenings through the week, hour here and there, with a few hours on the weekend.

I do travel a bit, but would definitely let folks know before I went on any extended trips that would put me /afk but those would be about a week or two at most.

Let me know, thanks for your attention, and look forward to hearing from you all.


-Brian (Asherad)
Mando’ade ne’gotalu jurkaa, mh’gotalu darau’mi.