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Group finder broken for Ops?

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04.21.2014 , 08:55 PM | #1
I've literally waited for 4 hours qued as tank AND dps for both lvl 55 operations in the group finder, still nothing. Is it broken..?

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04.21.2014 , 09:11 PM | #2
No. It's not broken. Most people, now, run 16 man Ops ( More comms. and loot drop) . Very few people use Group Finder, nowadays, for 8 man Ops.

bluecheesebandit's Avatar

04.22.2014 , 03:34 AM | #3
Edit: Read this thread:

There has been some discussion of this in the past, but I can't really remember what the community's consensus was. I'm glad you bring this up again though. The utility of group finder for ops is very weak at the moment. I'd very much like to see it expanded in a way where either there is a server-wide channel for "LFG ops" or a better way to que for ops. As it is, if there was a group finder for all ops and all modes, I'd be very wary about queuing up: on my server there are a lot of players who come into ops with no preparation or expectation of what it will be like. Its fun sometimes to carry a level 50 13k health dps in greens on karraga's palace, but otherwise it gets frustrating that people don't use guides or know what they're doing, although most of them are very excited to learn if you give them a chance and a quick explanation.

I don't remember all the ideas for better group finding for ops in the past, maybe I'll look through old threads and link one if I find one that has good ideas in it.

Otherwise I'd love a discussion on how to actually improve this, and then bring that proposal as a community to the devs. Or are other people/servers happy with the current system?

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04.22.2014 , 06:35 AM | #4
I'm not sure guides are of any use. I usually try to read the guides for the flashpoints and/or ops before I join, but they're kind of useless in the real first run. Teamspeak and chat are kind of useless the first time, too, except for things like "attack/don't attack" messages on DreadTooth. A run or two gives you much more experience and understanding.

(Or maybe it's best if a first-time DPS was assigned another DPS and just copied their movements. But maybe it's just me).

I really struggle with this, because I've completed all eight SWTOR stories and I'd like to complete all ops at story mode at least once for the story(I got the 72 gear/78 hilts for it off GTN, but not the experience), but I'm really rather useless as a first-timer. I wish there was an option to solo operations and flashpoints just for people who want the story. No loot, no experience, just fighting the boss and seeing the cutscenes.

Actually, I have an idea, but I don't know if it seems fair . Why not make two queues - one for the Ops Leader, and one for the rest? The Ops Leader would have to have certain achievements(like "completed that operation at least ten times"), and he would receive a special reward for guiding a run through(for example, a hundred ultimate comms, or some ultra-cool gear tokens, or a bind-to-legacy relic token, or whatever). This way you'll have 8-people runs with at least one very experienced player who'd only receive the reward if he gets the group through the entire operation. Maybe give extra rewards to healers, too.

(But, again, I'm really clueless at this sort of thing. My dream would be removing cooldowns from healing potions, so there's no need for tanks and healers at all)
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04.22.2014 , 10:22 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by bluecheesebandit View Post
I'd very much like to see it expanded in a way where either there is a server-wide channel for "LFG ops" or a better way to que for ops.
On my server there's an /allies channel for the sole purpose of looking for ops groups.

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04.22.2014 , 10:52 AM | #6
The only reason that someone would use group finder to do a SM ops would be to get the extra ulti coms from the last boss, other than that you should do 16man due to the extra ulti coms you receive from each boss. The amount of 16man SM Groups are also way more then the amount of 8man SM Groups due to this fact, so if you are in queue for a Ops, you are wasting your time, stand on fleet and whisper the people that are LFM.

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