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Looking for GSF Guild

Steamer's Avatar

04.20.2014 , 08:06 PM | #1
Hey folks,

I'm looking for a Guild that does regular GSF, either side. On the Pub side, I come with 4 lvl 55's, and some higher-end raid experience. I would be avail for PVE raiding as well, but my weekday sched can be a bit random, which is why I like GSF so much. My main toon (Merkazian) has a fully-loaded complement of GSF ships ready to go.

PM me, or drop an in-game mail to Merkazian on the Pub side, or Caanin on the Imp side if you have a potential opening.


JediQuaker's Avatar

04.22.2014 , 12:49 PM | #2
I guess that, since I don't know what GSF stands for, our guild is probably no help.

edit - Finally found out what GSF stands for, and, no, my guild doesn't do GSF on a 'regular' basis.