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LF a Raiding Group

roktar's Avatar

04.17.2014 , 09:34 AM | #1
Hello All,

With school ending in ~2 weeks I am looking to get into another raiding group.

This is the toons I have:

Eriza - Scoundrel healer, geared mostly 78s.
Juilliän - Guardian DPS, mix of 78/72 (right alt + 132 for special letter)
Keriä - Vanguard Tank, 78s 4 piece set bonus, with 2 69s (right alt + 132 for special letter)
Hugö - gunslinger, 78/72, 4 piece set bonus, dirty fighting (right alt + 148 for special letter)
Ráfe - sentinal, watchman, 72s (right alt + 160 for special letter)
Yassa - sage healer, 63/69

I have cleared HM DF,DP,TfB,S&V and all old content as rDPS, most of it as healer too. Only thing I would need to learn is the fights as a tank.

I can run Tues/Thurs nights starting at 8pm eastern. I am not looking to join another guild with these toons, happy where I am. Just our weekday group is full.

Feel free to reply here or in-game to any toon. Might be best to contact Kizzy, she is my main.


RiVaN_'s Avatar

04.17.2014 , 06:39 PM | #2
Come check out Souls of Fate!

We have 2 teams (Openings in both groups in about 2 weeks due to summer) and we are building a 3rd.

We have cleared everything in HM and are working on NiM stuff. Come give us a look at
Nikolete, Scoundrel - Republic Flashfire
Drivan, Sentinel - Souls of Fate

Jedi Covenant

bastilanoyes's Avatar

04.24.2014 , 04:19 PM | #3
Conies is recruiting 1 mando heals and 1 other ranged dps for our hm progression team. We raid mon and thur 8pm est. For more information or to apply visit or message Bástila in game!