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Seeking Jedi/Republic RP Guild!

Burcol's Avatar

04.16.2014 , 02:21 PM | #1

I have recently returned to SWTOR (after computer problems that are now fixed) and looking to guild a Jedi/Republic roleplaying guild. I have been playing (on and off) since the very first day or early game access, and I was involved in a few of the betas before SWTOR was officially released.

I do plan on having a character of each class eventually, but currently I want to focus on my level 30 Jedi Shadow, Burcol. I've had him since the very first day of early game access but due to computer issues, I have managed to get round to finishing him off.

So, enough blabbering. What am I looking for? I'm looking for a Jedi/Republic guild with a focus on RPing. I would eventually like to get into ops, too. I also have several ideas in mind that could benefit your guild, if you're looking for fresh ideas.

If you think your guild is right for me, feel free to send me a mail or /whisper in game. My name in game is Burcol. I'll be on now for a little while longer if you want to catch me!