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Random Acts of Kindness

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04.16.2014 , 03:48 PM | #11

Thank you for creating a positive thread about the good in this community.

To every one that has helped me, thanks! I also try to help others along the way. Even if it's just a drive by buff.
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04.16.2014 , 04:51 PM | #12
The other day someone was LF1M for the last Shroud Heroic. I was still at Dark Design (the first of the two heroics) and asked if I could join. They discussed it for a min and decided they would do both Heroics so I could finish the story line.

Its not something big or anything but considering how hard it can be to find a party for dark design....and three random people agreeing to spend an extra 45 mins on a quest that they did not need....It made me quite happy.
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04.16.2014 , 05:05 PM | #13
More like random acts of selfishness.

Try to follow your conscience and be brave, that will give you random acts of Kindness.

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04.16.2014 , 06:30 PM | #14
Wow, I have too many people to thank. The community, both in game and through the forums have been a massive help to me. This was my first MMO, so you could imagine I was BAD when I first started.

The most memorable story would be the first time I played an operation. Was SM EV. This was during the October before RotHC. The ops leader asked if everyone knew the fight, unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention to chat. I was a little jittery, being my first op and all. The first boss, I actually knew the shield mechanic, but my rig wasn't showing the shield. I died. Making our way through, the big lava boss, I had no idea what to do during the island jumping phase, I died. The puzzle I did okay. But the fight where everyone gets their own target, I screwed up the fight for the entire ops. I attacked someone else target. After that, they began asking if I knew what I was doing, saying that it was asked if anyone was new at the beginning etc. I felt really bad, and thought they would (rightfully) kick me. But nope. They told me to pay more attention, and explained the fight to me. Went through it without a problem. Got to Soa, and I was told the mechanics, and was also instructed to follow and do exactly what the other Arsenal Merc was doing. Got through perfectly. I never got around to thanking those guys, in more depth them the "thank you" at the end of the run. The other Merc even helped me with my gear and stats afterwords. So, thank you everyone who helped me out, and sorry for the problems I caused. Surprisingly, this is the only time I have been in a group where we beat Soa.

I also wanted to thank all the people who have posted guides, from rotations to gear. All the theory crafters. And everyone who has helped with my noob questions. Thanks to Bioware as well, for making an incredible game, a game in which has kept my attention for all these years. A game that me and my friends have been enjoying together for these past years, and hopefully many to come.
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04.16.2014 , 06:43 PM | #15
I have too many people to thank individually. That always gives me hope. For every one jerk I've had to put on ignore, I've met at least 5 or 6 people willing to help me out when I'm running a Heroic or FP for the first time.

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04.16.2014 , 06:50 PM | #16
One experience in particular comes to mind back in 2012, when I got my first toon to level 50. I was running a HM fp and it ended up being a tough run. It was my first time running Kaon Under Siege and afterwards one of the guys ran me through the dailies to show me how to start collecting coms to gear myself better. He also crafted me some orange gear (back when that meant something), and even went so far as to use his rare mats to craft me a set of Rakata belt/bracers before he unfortunately realized that they were BoP. Couldn't have thanked him enough, as he didn't have to do any of that. I also found out that he was only a few days off from turning 60 years old, which I thought was awesome.
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04.16.2014 , 08:34 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Sempronos View Post
After reading another interesting post about people who bother you in game to PL them or give them stuff, I thought about my reply and decided we need a thread telling stories of nice things people did for you in game that you totally didn't expect.

I will start off with my favorite. While playing my sniper and trying to level, I found I was constantly dying or being forced to run away and try again. I couldn't understand why I was having such a hard time. One day a high level sniper was passing by and had been watching me once again barely escape death and as I was resting, she sent me a tell.

She asked my spec and what was my rotation. After informing her, she was quiet for a while then gave me a suggestion on a better skill tree to use, what stats to look for when getting items and a much better roation. I wasn't utilizing my strengths and was ignoring some of my tools.

I took it to heart and immediately went to the GTN and swapped out items I used to think helped. I did a respec and changed my hotbar. Eager to see the results, I went back to the same levelling grounds and to my amazement pulverized the mobs. I was so over joyed that I eagerly sent a whisper to the person, but they had logged off.

I thought it was such a nice thing to do. She didn't have to stop, she didn't have to take the time, but I am glad she did and it really put me in a happy place. Not everyone on the internet is a troll.

So what is your story?
I find it fascinating that you had this happen but now fail to provide the specifics of what you changed such that another person might take advantage of it and thus create an act of kindness. Hope this just isn't some kind of mind trick to get people to tell you how to make specific builds.
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04.17.2014 , 01:38 AM | #18
why are you trolling a good feels post?

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04.17.2014 , 03:03 AM | #19
I was Preferred, playing my Gunslinger on Voss. My first toon, my first MMO. I had unintentionally triggered two groups of mobs (as I often did then, and occasionally still do, lol), and was fighting hard. A Zabrak Imp toon stopped nearby, and watched my fight. Corso was defeated, my health was almost non-existent, and one last mobs came at my Gunslinger. I fought hard, and defeated the last mobs. Then, I heard clapping, and looked at the Imp Zabrak. The toon was clapping, and fist pumping. It's been well over a year, but I still remember how good that Imp player made me feel. First time I had received positive feedback for winning a fight. Before, any player feedback had been "you're doing it wrong, wrong, wrong!" Which I usually was, but still, it got tiresome constantly being told how incredibly bad I played. My thanks to that Imp Zabrak player for taking a moment to give an inexperienced newbie a "good job!" moment!

My thanks to the Tank on my first run of Athiss. That Tank was the only one in the group who had run Athiss before, and the only experienced player. Our group fully wiped repeatedly. I was DPS, and unsure of what to take out when. The other DPS was melee, but had a hard time not using their solo PVE strategy, i.e., starting the fights. The Healer wasn't sure who to heal, when, or if they should just fight. Another Tank might have left our woefully inexperienced at "group play" bunch. That Tank was so patient, and never lost their temper. That Tank taught us about markers, take down order, what to look for with particular boss fights, and working as a team. We became a smoothly running group that demolished whatever Athiss threw at us. Wish I could remember that Tank's name. Thank you so much!

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04.17.2014 , 03:43 AM | #20
On my very first toon (a "healer"), during a leveling flashpoint, one guy had tried to recruit me to his guild two or three times which I declined as politely as I could (just not interested). Once we were done with the FP, he offered to jump on one of his crafter alts and gift me a moddable belt for putting up with him and being nice about it.
(moddable belts and bracers were rather rare and expensive at the time, no CM gear all over the GTN)
And he actually did it