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what the hell..... ! :(

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05.01.2014 , 11:01 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Stringray View Post
I have played my operative in pvp almost every day since early release.

Maybe I'm not as good as some of you, but the knockdown thing has not set me back and with all the changes I feel more effective than ever overall. I don't like that it is gone, but how much did anyone RELY on that one thing to win??
I haven't noticed that severe a change from the removal of the knockdown, the main thing I miss is the interrupt from it but that could be easily reintroduced without to much QQ from the unwashed masses.

The main reason people are upset by it is that it's the removal of a class defining animation and it is yet another nerf to go along with our long history or unnecessary nerfs. We still aren't viable in ranked or solo ranked, we're still an easy kill versus a competent player and assassins still do everything we do but better. It's more the thought behind the removal that upset people rather than the practical side.

Now we need to be prepared to be pushed back / stunned as soon as we open. If we're knocked back then a roll should get us back in to melee range and if we're stunned then we need to work out whether than stun is worth breaking / break it and then stun them ourselves. All of this requires far more game awareness than simply "opening up" and will decrease performance in almost all cases because even if you read it right and react correctly you're forced in to using cooldowns you could have saved for a better opportunity.

One thing that's rife in this game is people just looking at the singular change without working out how it influences other areas of the class / game. Actually if you look at all the issues with hybrid builds and FOTM it's pretty clear this issue is prevalent amongst the devs too.