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What Rewards would you like to see for Ranked PvP?

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What Rewards would you like to see for Ranked PvP?
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05.09.2014 , 11:18 AM | #171
Quote: Originally Posted by ZooMzy View Post
If you can only compete against others from your server, then why not give rewards for being the best from where you are?
This is so obvious and has been said by so many other sensible posters here I'm a bit surprised that BW doesn't put this point to rest with a statement saying top rewards are per server.


It'd definitely encourage PvPers to spread out more, seeking domination of other servers and giving other servers more competition in response.
Spreading out is not a good thing (IMESHO). Better would be to bunch up. E.g. if all the Pot5 PvP folks transferred to Bastion I would be stoked. We need bigger player pools queuing for ranked.

I'm sure there are some people who would spend money to have a chance of being a big fish in a little pond but that doesn't interest me.

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05.09.2014 , 11:33 AM | #172
Quote: Originally Posted by DerTaran View Post
An alternative animation for a dedicated skill? If this is to expensive for a battle skill, the class-buff animation might work pretty well.
How about emotes as rewards!? In particular, something along the lines of an NFL post touchdown celebration. I.e. the kind that would draw a penalty in the current No Fun League? Or a peacock strutting type emote.

ideas for reward emotes:
  • breakdance routine: player finishes by spinning on his/her head
  • Player does an NFL inspired celebration (e.g.Clay Mathew's sack celebration)
  • WWF inspired emote
  • (2nd tier reward --- didn't get the top player on server reward)McKayla is not impressed type emote. For this I imagine a Jawa appearing and awarding the player a silver medal with player doing McKayla expression.
  • contact juggling emote a la Moschen / Labyrinth
  • special 4-man ranked emote reward: 4 player dance routine. E.g. if we are in a group and the group leader (who has the emote) emotes we get a 4-man Michael Jackson-esque dance routine. Perhaps this emote should require each member of the group have it in order to perform.
  • Blues Brothers inspired emotes

All top rewards should be exclusive in perpetuity (or for a very very long time).

Mr. Hat says "BW support is the best"!
I am a bad player, so what?

ameaku's Avatar

05.09.2014 , 07:44 PM | #173
well considering that the strong holds are coming out i would say that pvpers should get rare exclusive stuff for that because i mean we don't use mounts in pvp .... an armor set would be cool but you guys change the looks every expansion so no point ,,,pets are cool but then its like the mount we don't use them

we are pvpers we care about bragging rights and rep so having stuff in our strong holds that make that statement is what i would love to see

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05.11.2014 , 05:41 AM | #174
What do you want the top reward to be?
What do you want the middle rewards to be?
What do you want the lowest reward to be?
1: (glowing black white dye,) Acklay mount with glowing parts, new glowing weapon , new glowing armor, mini Acklay and title
2: new glowing weapon , new glowing armor, mini Acklay and title
3: new glowing armor, mini Acklay and title

I hope top tier stays at highest 1500 rating.
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nrevox's Avatar

05.12.2014 , 07:08 AM | #175
I think most people like gear. Unique gear. Good looking gear. I personally don't get excited over titles or pets, but that is fine for those who do. Gear makes everyone happy though.


05.12.2014 , 10:17 PM | #176
I have never been big into PVP but lately I have found myself messing in the low level stuff. I have always felt that PVP is way out of balance, strongly favoring the Imp side. My feelings on this was confirmed (In my eyes) when looking over the Leader Boards for Season 1. If my memory serves me right, when looking at the All Advanced Classes tab, there was not a Republic player in the top 20 (one at spot 24), and a grand total of just 4 in the top 50 (going further on, 19 in the top 100). Call me crazy in saying that PVP is tipped in favor of the imps but the numbers just do not lie. I find it hard to get into PVP as a first timer when the odds are that out of favor for the republic side. Even in the low level PVP this unbalance if felt. I know this may not be the place to post these thoughts but figured more would see it. I have respect for all you hardcore PVP players, it is crazy the things you can do. Enjoy.

HeatRacer's Avatar

05.13.2014 , 01:49 AM | #177
Given that the previous season's big reward was a big mount that would eventually be reskinned and put out on the CM (which I'm fine with), I propose something similar: since we know that a big walker mech mount is coming out later this year, I'd be happy with a tricked out PVP version of that being the season 2 reward. Or I could go for a fancy bantha too.

Urwaldkind's Avatar

05.14.2014 , 04:48 PM | #178
1. Unique Mount (a reek or another different looking rancor), should be as big as the rancor.Unique pvp title. Unique pet. Emote

2. Title, Pet, Emote

3. Title, Pet

DanAxe's Avatar

05.17.2014 , 09:30 AM | #179
A holo statue! I really want a holo statue of Eric Musco saying: "You healed to full and made them pay this season, good job!"

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05.18.2014 , 06:05 AM | #180
about top 3 advance classes is it world wide or server wide?