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NiM FP's or Loot-Only Lockout

Insolus's Avatar

04.11.2014 , 09:43 PM | #1
A new addition to the elder game. Would be fun, from my perspective, to have more frequent opportunities to tackle difficult group content.

Loot-Only lockout refers to the idea that you can run an op multiple times per week, but would only be able to roll on loot once per bos, per week.

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04.12.2014 , 12:29 AM | #2
Also, am I bad cuz at the game cuz I can only parse 2.4k in mostly 72's/186's? Blah blah shadows this and that. The priorities don't seem that hard to grasp, just wondering if its me or the game. Thinking about leveling a more reliable alt... or quiting cuz so many things about this game still seem completely unfinished. Ackbar's eyes.

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04.12.2014 , 12:37 AM | #3
shadows in general just seem like an unfinished class. I don't mean unpolished. I mean straight up incomplete. Maybe that's cuz I hail from a game in which a dps that attacks the wrong target just straight up dies.

reflect = resilience...yea skill tree makes resil better, eff off.

saber ward>combat un-reediness

nothing a shadow has< guardian;s worst CD shield wall (passive healing is not a reliable CD, screw off)

enure =/= (>) light armor/threat and shield/absorb.

Based upon MY ASSESSMENT, a new shadow tank is only minimally viable as the best choice under certain conditions. Such conditions include: over-geared or over experienced healers and dps, and old content. That's the whole of my SWTOR experience in a nutshell. I can say that I've failed one HM group, but I can also say that it was very late and I learned everything that I must in order to succeed in my next attempt.

I don't blame people for not taking me into hard modes. I have no "oh crap buttins." With bad luck I'm not even a tank. Screw my superior mitigation stats, as I've chosen mitigation over vendor given 43k HP, that doesn't even matter half the time.

I'm just damn unsatisfied with my shadow. Hopefully I'll have the patience to give my guardian's several IWIN buttins a chance to grant fun.