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Brisselio's Avatar

04.10.2014 , 05:16 PM | #1
So today I got my Kraken Pro in the mail. I must say this is one of the best headsets I have had in a long time. The sound is absolutely top notch, the noise cancellation is incredible, the bass this headset has is also astounding it is on par with skullcandy headsets imo.

Just wanted to see what are some of your favorite headsets out there.

OddballEasyEight's Avatar

04.10.2014 , 10:53 PM | #2
Been using the Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 for a while now. Bought it to use with my Xbox 360, but it turned out I had an optical outlet on my PC too so now I mostly use it there

But I only use it when I play late at night so I don't disturb the neighbors.
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bassfu's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 07:44 PM | #3
I've been using the Corsair Vengeance 1500. Can't really say anything bad about it, though the last few driver updates have been kinda ******.

swtonewbie's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 10:50 PM | #4
whatever you do stay away from Logitech Gaming headsets.

Funny story about a pair that i used to own. One day while wearing mine (that was only a month or two old) i let out a big sneeze. Apparently a sneeze is all it takes to break off one of the ear muffs.

See that silvery metal part of the headband? that black thing running down the middle of the silver part? thats the wiring, and that runs through a hollow plastic tube going down into the muffs. See where that metal headband turns into grey plastic, then a little lower there is a seam? that seam is actually the rotate point for the muffs. The earmuffs can yaw a little but and thats the pivot point. The hollow plastic tube for the wiring runs down the center of that. The plastic tubes inne diameter is big enough for the wiring but the walls on the tube are thin, maybe 1/16" of an inch.

That small plastic tube is what snapped on me. Once it had broken apart i could see that the small tube was the only thing taking any kind of stress. That seam i pointed out where the band meets the muff is only supposed to rotate. If you put your hands on your ears and make the motion that you would if you were taking earmuffs off? That outward, pulling apart motion to take the muffs off will put strain on those little plastic tubes.
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