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Star Wars Ep 7 Question

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04.11.2014 , 01:49 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Beniboybling View Post
....On topic, I think there was a general outrage from the fans regarding Chewie's death so I expect many will be happy to see him come back. And if we have Han, we have to have Chewie. Call it unfair on that small amount of people who read about Chewie's death and enjoyed the story, but its even more unfair on the people who didn't, or didn't like it.
I agree.....Chewie & Anakins deaths are big parts of why I've only read the "Vong war' twice. I've said before.....imo they can take everything after "survivors quest" And throw it out the airlock.

Well....,everything except Saba and the barabels
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04.11.2014 , 04:40 PM | #12
I do agree that I did like chewie and his character but I somewhat agreed with his death because it was time to start picking off the original characters and it was a major change in the game because it really changed Han. Otherwise I felt that the originals would just drag on about their lives. Im not sure what to think about any of this anymore, I just hope they dont screw us too much.

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04.16.2014 , 09:13 AM | #13
Unfortunately i think the EU is gonna be destroyed, it feels like they have little to no interest in following it. Even though I like Chewy and all the original characters it does seem appropriate to have them die or fade off to make room for new stories and new characters otherwise I think the stories would be bland and overused. Plus it took a moon being crashed into a plant to kill him and he died a hero most epic death ever, but since we know next to nothing on his role in the movie or anything about the movie we all could be over reacting.

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04.16.2014 , 09:52 PM | #14
Who knows, maybe he is a flahsback or nightmare or something of Han Solo

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04.17.2014 , 12:50 AM | #15
Personally I dont care if they dont follow the EU,hell I dont even mind if they "retcon" it. To me,the EU has never been official canon. I only consider the official CW series and the films as Canon.

Sure there are some great novels,X-wing series and Heir to the Empire for example and the SW Legacy comic series, but 80% of the EU is rubbish and very fanfic. IMO. Chewies death was stupid. Moon crushing...seriously.

I think what EPVII will be is a saving grace for the future of SW. Hopefully good enough to wash most of those terrible stories away.

Besides,the books will always be around for people to enjoy. Just becuase a movie is out that doesnt follow them doesnt mean you have to feel the books are pointless.
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04.17.2014 , 07:57 PM | #16
Books i hope they keep:

X-Wing series: It was a great series, though maybe "Mercy Kill" might not exist

Any of Zahn's books: All his where good, and somehow interconnect with each other, plus in "Heir to the Empire" is where Coruscant is named, so it would be stupid if it wasn't part of canon...

Courtship of Princess Leia: If we have the X-Wing series, we need to know how Zsinj died...

Maybe a few other books, but if these books stay, i wouldn't rant too much...
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