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New 2.7 Tyrans defeated =) yay, go pug!

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04.09.2014 , 06:02 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by azurecrayon View Post
we came up against the new tyrans mechanic today while in a 16SM DP pug, and worked it out and downed him =) ok so that doesnt seem so impressive, but for a pug we are pretty proud of ourselves =) in the end we only had two deaths during the fight.

tyrans now puts a debuff on you after you get simplification. you are "Marked for death. Only the power of the Dread Masters can remove it." or something to that effect. this debuff ticks down for maybe 5-8 seconds, then insta kills you. Defeated by [Charactername] with Simplification (0 damage)

to remove the debuff, you have to use the transporter on the lower floor. as soon as simplification is on you, run to the middle hole and drop down, and then use the transporter immediately. if you do it before the simplification circle closes in on you, you wont lose floor tiles either. this is trickiest for tanks but as long as you swap during the simp cast you should have enough time to get back up before you need to swap again.

i told the raid i'd post their names, as we think it was a world first to figure out the mechanic and kill the new tyrans =) Harbinger raid members: Chokoon, Ashavir, Ahrelia, Bitme, Markusaurelius, Earnestbunbury, Ta'feek, Loia, Lincy, Cptkangaroo, Breadcrums, Thongn, Fearwalkin, Rukmi, Ringo, Galez
Yeah, we did it yesterday with a Pug-Group, too. Was pretty fun! ^^

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04.09.2014 , 12:07 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by JaborAnDubhar View Post
Agreed, the mechanics made the fight interesting again.

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04.09.2014 , 06:52 PM | #14
Hi there. I just wanted to update this thread to note that a link to the video of our clear is now included in Post #3.

I agree with Tresian. As the other healer in that PUG clear, the damage output from all the mechanics felt the same as in regular HM. The only difference was people constantly taking 25% hits from throwing themselves off the platforms.

As though this fight wasn't already a good healer check in HM, now you'll really know what your healers are ready for...
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04.09.2014 , 07:30 PM | #15
yeha we did it today also, its noting special