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The Foundry doesn't work?!?!

_FeatherStone_'s Avatar

04.06.2014 , 09:04 PM | #1
Okay, so I'm level 45 and decided that I wanted to do the Foundry Flashpoint with just me and my companion. So I go to the location and start the flashpoint. Instead of going through the cut-scene I press "SPACE BAR" since I had done that mission a lot. Well, right before the entire opening cut scene is done (where you are talking to the helmsman). my game crashes and says SWTOR has stopped responding. Anyone else had this happen before?
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Smuglebunny's Avatar

04.06.2014 , 09:10 PM | #2
Crashing to desktop is common with this game. If you try it again it will probably work.

Banegio's Avatar

04.06.2014 , 09:12 PM | #3
Known bug. The game crashes on some pcs when the cutscene goes to show the space hypertravel.

Some workaround:
* Don't spacebar
* Just before the cutscene jump into the hypertravel, tab out to your desktop and wait 10 sec or so.
* Group up. The game will still crash but you can continue on the instance after you reconnect.