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SWTOR: A Guide for Beginners

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SWTOR: A Guide for Beginners

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04.06.2014 , 05:47 PM | #11
Space Missions


Getting a Speeder: A Massive Convenience Boost

Bonus Series, World Bosses, and a Few Other Things about Leveling
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04.06.2014 , 05:48 PM | #12
Endgame I: After the Class Story

Endgame II: Dailies

Endgame III: Flashpoints (again), Operations, and Fancy PvP

So, What Now?


The End (well, not quite…)! See you in the game!
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04.06.2014 , 05:48 PM | #13

Useful Online Resources (Not a very complete list, will add if/when I find more) is a great resource for general stuff about the game. It’s got guides, patch coverage, build calculators, and more.

Mumble is one of the main voice chat services that guilds use, and the only one I’ve used personally. You can download the free software here: (Note that someone still has to host a server for you to be able to talk to people, but this will allow you to join and talk on servers) has some useful tips for roleplayers, especially for character creation.

Tor-Fashion lets you see pretty much every single moddable or adaptive armor set in the game, as well as show off your own customized sets

Torhead is a database site with locations of datacrons, skill calculators, lists of items and stats, etc. It's not always updated very quickly, though.

Enjin is a popular site for guild website hosting, with free websites as well as paid versions that include Mumble servers and more space for additional forums, calenders, membership lists, etc.

Most game servers also have a website (or several) of their own, check the server section of the official forums.
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05.11.2014 , 12:40 AM | #14
Dictionary of Useful Abbreviations, MMO Jargon, and Internet Slang

Again, I don't profess that this is complete, and I will update

AC- Advanced Class (What AC is the best for a smuggler?)

AFAIK- As Far As I Know (Joey isn’t going to be on tonight, AFAIK)

AFK- Away From the Keyboard (Going AFK for a second)

Aggro- The thing tanks build up to keep an enemy’s attention. (Stop stealing my aggro!)

Alts- Any characters you have that aren’t your main, or your other characters in general. (I <3 alts!)

Ammo- The trooper’s resource

AoE- Area of Effect (Watch out for the boss’s AoE!)

ASAP- As Soon As Possible (The tank needs to get over here ASAP)

ATM- At The Moment (I only have 13k credits ATM)

BH- Bounty Hunter

Bio- Biology, used when someone has to go to the bathroom (Wait for me, gotta take a bio break.)

Blues- Refers to blue-quality gear. Better than greens, but not as good as purples. (She’s wearing all blues)

BoE- Binds on Equip (This Imperial Officer’s Uniform is BoE)

BoL- Binds to Legacy (Lots of event gear is BoL)

BoP- Binds on Pickup (This rare speeder is BoP)

Boss- 1. An extra powerful enemy, often named. (I hate fighting this boss.) 2. Awesome, cool, etc. (This new armor is boss!)

Bound- Unable to be sold on the GTN, mailed, or traded. (Rats, I accidentally put on this jacket, and now it’s bound.)

BRB- Be Right Back (BRB, gotta answer the phone.)

Buff- An effect that give some sort of benefit to the person who receives it (Can you buff me?)

Build- A way of allocating your skill points (What build are you using?)

BW- BioWare, the company that makes this game

Cast- A delay before an ability happens, during which you can’t move or use other abilities. (I wish my character
didn’t have to cast so much)

CC- 1. Crowd Control, some sort of ability that stuns, slows, or otherwise hinders enemies. Generally, if you’re asked to cc something, they mean use the 60 second stun that breaks on damage. (Can you cc the droid on the right?) 2. Cartel Coins, the currency for the cash shop. (How do you use your monthly cc?)

CD- Cool Down, the interval between when you use an ability and when you can use it again

CE- Collector’s Edition

Champs- Champion level enemies, which are the hardest difficulty

Channel- A length of time over which an ability is working. While it’s going, you can’t move or do anything else. (I love the Agent’s channeled attacks.)

Cleanse- An ability that gets rid of negative status effects/debuffs/DOTs

CM- Cartel Market, the game’s cash shop

Coms- Commendations, one of the games forms of currency (How many planetary coms do you have?)

Commando- A trooper advanced class

Convo- Conversation

Crit- 1. Critical hit, which is what happens when you get a bonus amount of damage or healing added onto your ability’s normal effects. A crit when crafting results in extra rewards. (I can defeat this guy in one hit if I crit.) 2. Critical chance, which is the stat that increases your chance of a critical hit. (I need more crit in my character’s stats)

CS- Customer Service (I should contact CS about this bug.)

Cutscene- A mini-movie within a video game

Daily- A mission, designed to be done by max level players, which can be repeated every day. (Have you done your dailies yet?)

DC- DisConnect, when someone physically leaves the game for some reason, often due to losing internet connection. (Right before the final boss, the tank DCed.)

Debuff- An ability that gives some sort of negative effect to whoever is targeted by it. (Oh, do you still have the
debuff from the last fight?)

DF- Dread Fortress, an operation

DK- Drommund Kaas, the Imperial capitol world

DoT- Damage over Time

DP- Dread palace, an operation

DPS- Damage Per Second, a measure of the performance of a damage dealer. (His DPS is a little low) Often
used to refer to the damage dealers themselves. (Need another DPS for this flashpoint)

Drop- What enemies do when they give loot, or the loot itself. Usually used in reference to bosses (I didn’t think those boots dropped off that fight.)

DS- Dark Side

EA- Electronic Arts, BioWare’s supervisor, who owns this game

EC- Explosive Conflict, an operation

Elites- Also called golds, the second highest level of enemy, and the highest you’re usually expected to take on your own.

Energy- The smuggler’s and agent’s resource

EV- Eternity Vault, an operation

FFXIV- Final Fantasy XIV, another MMO

FP- Flashpoint, a four-player group instance

FPS- 1. Frames Per Second, exactly what it sounds like. (I’m getting terrible FPS here) 2. First Person Shooter, a
genre of video games. (Playing FPS make me nervous and twitchy)

Freemium- How some people refer to preferred status, especially on the forums

Focus- 1. The Jedi Knight’s resource 2. A specialization for both Jedi Knight advanced classes

Force- The Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular’s resource

The Force- A mystical energy field that is what holds the Star Wars universe together. Jedi and Sith can manipulate it.

FTP/F2P- Free To Play. The version of the game you get without paying anything, or the people who play the game that way. Can be just the actual free to play status, or can include preferred as well. (I wish I didn’t have to go FTP)

FTW- For The Win, if something is FTW, it’s good (Paying attention, FTW)

FYI- For your information (FYI, I’m the leader of this group)

GCD- Global Cool Down, the delay between when you use one ability and when you can use almost every other ability. (This ability ignores the GCD)

GF- 1. Group Finder (Get in GF) 2. Girl Friend (Can’t come, I’m going out with my GF)

GG- Good Game, used at the end of a PvP match, duel, etc. to indicate that the other person did well.

GM- 1. Guildmaster (I should ask the GM when the next op is) 2. On the forums, Global Moderator (Wait till a GM sees your post!)

Goldfarmer- Someone who makes a ton of in-game money, then sells it for real-world money. Illegal.

Golds- See Elites

Greens – A level of gear quality, the lowest you’ll normally see (He was in all greens!)

GS- Gunslinger, a Smuggler advanced class

GSF- Galactic StarFighter, the space PvP minigame

GTG/G2G- 1. Got To Go (GTG, have to leave for work) 2. Good To Go (Need one more DPS, then GTG)

GTN- Galactic Trade Network, it’s like an E-bay for in-game items

Guard- 1. A person who defends an person or place, often used in PvP (Guard this objective) 2. An ability that classes that can tank have, which when placed on another player, will intercept some damage and threat for that player (Guard, please!)

GW2- Guild Wars 2, another MMO

Heat- The Bounty Hunter’s class resource

HM- Hard Mode, referring to flashpoints and operations (Do you want to do this operation on HM or story mode?)

HoT- Heal over Time

HP- Hit points/ health points (Look how many HP that guy has!)

HPS- Heals Per Second, a way of measuring the performance of a healer

Hybrid- A specialization or character that has significant skill points in more than one talent tree (My Mercenary is a healer-damage hybrid)

IA- Imperial Agent

IC- In-character, usually in reference to roleplay, and referring to things that take place as though the character was
a real person. (Try to stay IC please)

IDK/IDC- I Don’t Know/I Don’t Care (Does my sith ever get an apprentice? IDK)

IIRC- If I Recall Correctly (Our guildmaster is in Chicago, IIRC)

IMO/IMHO- In My Opinion/ In My Humble Opinion (Jedi Shadows are overpowered, IMO)

Imps- Imperials

Inc- Incoming, usually used in PvP to say that your position is being attacked and by how many (2 inc at west pylon!)

Interrupt – An ability that stops an enemy from using another ability

IRL- In real life (I’m not much for intrigue, IRL)

JC- Jedi Consular

JK- 1. Jedi Knight (Should I start a JK?) 2. Just Kidding (I’m quitting. JK)

Jug- Juggernaut, a Sith Warrior advanced class

Kaon- Kaon Under Seige, a flashpoint

Keybind- Keyboard keys that are attached to certain actions, or the process of attaching them (I need to keybind my interrupt in a more convenient place)

KOTOR- Knights of the Old Republic, this game’s predecessor

KOTOR2- Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

KP- Karagga’s Palace, an operation

LFG- Looking For Group (LFG for [Heroic 2] The Chamber of Secrets)

LF2M- Looking For Two More (LF2M for Eternity Vault. Ranged DPS preferred)

LI- Lost Island, a flashpoint

Loot- The stuff enemies drop when you kill them, or the act of taking it off them. (I hope I can loot some good stuff tonight)

LOTRO- Lord of the Rings Online, another MMO

LS- Light Side

Mara- Marauder, a Sith Warrior advanced class

Main- The character you like the most/ is the highest level/ has the best gear/ you use the most (Is this character your main?)

Mainstat- The stat that’s the most important for your character to have (Willpower is the Inquisitor’s mainstat)

Merc- Mercenary, a Bounty Hunter advanced class

Mezz- Mesmerize, usually another way of asking for your 60 second stun that breaks on damage (Can you mezz this guy over here?)

MMO- Massively Multiplayer Online game

Mobs- Mobile enemies, basically any enemy capable of moving, though not usually applied to bosses (OK, let’s take those three mobs over there)

Mod- 1. An item modification of any type (I need new mods for my gear) 2. A specific type of item modification (Mods usually cost 2 planetary commendations) 3. A moderator (I hope the forum mods see you behaving like that) 4. A modification or add on to a game (I used to know I guy who made AwesomeMcCoolGame mods)

Moddable- An item that can be altered to have better or worse stats (I’m trying to get some cool moddable gear)

Mumble- A voice-chat service used by some guilds (Can you get on Mumble? I want to talk to you.)

Nameplate- The little thing that floats above people’s heads showing their name, guild, titles, etc.

NiM- Nightmare Mode, used for operations (We’re gonna try NiM Terror From Beyond this weekend)

Ninja- Someone who steals loot or objectives, usually not a good thing (He’s a loot ninja)

Normals- The standard level of enemy difficulty

NP- No Problem (“Thanks for helping me with that heroic” “NP”)

NPC- Non-Player Character (That NPC has an awesome voice)

NSFW- Not Safe For Work, something that’s sexually explicit, or contains language or graphic violence

OOC- Out Of Character, usually used in reference to roleplaying, to denote things done as you, and not as your character

Op- 1. Operative, an Imperial Agent advanced class 2. Operation

OP- Over Powered, used to denote something that has too much strength or power. Not usually a good thing (Sentinels are OP!)

Oranges- A grade of gear, one of the two that’s moddable

PC- 1. Personal computer 2. Player Character

Patch- Something deployed by the game developers that includes bug fixes, new content, and other goodies

Pop- When a que for groupfinder, pvp, or the like, matches a group (I haven’t been getting very many que pops today)

Preferred- The interim gameplay status, between Free-to-Player and Subscriber

Proc- Special Procedure, something that happens after something else happens (This lightsaber attack has a 20% chance to proc a burn effect)

pst- whisper (Selling [generic item], pst with offers)

PT- Powertech, a Bounty Hunter advanced class

PTS- Public Test Server, a special server where Bioware does, like it sounds, public testing. It’s only open sometimes, but you can start new characters or copy your existing characters for free.

Pubs- Republic

Purples- The highest quality level of gear, often moddable

PvE- Player Vs. Environment, when human controlled characters fight computer controlled characters

PvP- Player Vs. Player, when human controlled characters fight other player controlled characters

QFT- Quoted For Truth, usually used on forums, when the person you’re quoting says what you want to say (“Insert pithy statement here” QFT)

QQ- Crying, whining. It comes from the shape of two Qs, like eyes that have tears streaming out of them (Stop with the QQ already!)

QT- Quick travel

Quickbar- The bars where your abilities go, where you can either click or keybind them

Rage- The Sith Warrior’s resource, as well as a talent tree available to both advanced classes

Rage quit- When someone leaves a game, group, etc. because they’re mad (If he had done that one more time, I would have rage quit)

Raid- Another term for an operation, usually used by veterans of other MMOs

Respec- To change the allocation of your skill points in your talent tree (Sure, I can heal for you, but I have to

Rez- Resurrect/revive, to come back from the dead (Can you rez me? No? Then I’ll rez at the medcenter)

RNG- Random Number Generator (Sorry you lost that loot roll, but it’s RNG)

Root- An effect that keeps the recipient from moving from their current position

RP- Role Play

RPG- Role Playing Game

Sage- A Jedi Consular advanced class

Scoundrel- A Smuggler advanced class

Security Key- The little doohickey that generates the code that you can use to log in

Sent- Jedi Sentinel, a Jedi Knight advanced class

Shadow- Jedi Shadow, a Jedi Consular advanced class

SI- Sith Inquisitor

Silvers- A level of enemy difficulty, stronger than normal, and weaker than golds.

Sin- Sith Assassin, a Sith Inquisitor advanced class

SM- 1. Smuggler 2. Story mode

Smug- Smuggler

Snare- See root

Sniper- An Imperial Agent advanced class

SnV/S and V- Scum and Villainy, an operation

Sorc- Sith Sorcerer, a Sith Inquisitor advanced class

Spam- 1. Like the spam in your e-mail inbox, sending chat or mail messages that are excessive or useless. (Gah, general chat is so full of spam today) 2. Doing something over and over again (I love spamming this attack)

Spec- Specialization, the way you allocated your skill points (I need to spec into Watchman more) Can also refer to the different talent trees (My sage is heal spec)

Stacks- Multiples of the same thing, be that buffs, items, or what have you (This buff stacks up to five times. I’ve got a five-stack of willpower stims)

Stat- Statistic, one of the traits that determines how your character will fare in combat (My Cunning stat is high on this character)

Stim- A temporary stat boost you can give your character

Story mode- The easiest difficulty of a given operation or flashpoint

Strongs- See silvers

Stun- An ability that renders the recipient unable to act for the duration of the effect (Watch out, this guy’s got a mean stun attack)

Sub- Subscriber or subscription

SW- 1. Star Wars 2. Sith Warrior

SWTOR- Star Wars: The Old Republic

TBH- To Be Honest (I don’t like that flashpoint much, TBH)

Tell- Refers to using the /whisper command (Send him a tell asking if he can come with us)

TFB- Terror From Beyond, an operation

Threat- The metric that non-player enemies use to determine who to attack. Healing and damage attacks build it
up and a few abilities reduce it.

THX- Thanks

Toon- Character (Is this your first toon on this server?)

ToS- Terms of Service, the agreement you signed when you started playing

Trash- 1. Low-powered enemies in a flashpoint or operation (I can’t believe we just lost that trash fight!) 2. Loot that’s only good for selling to vendors

TS- Teamspeak, a voice chatting service used by some guilds

TSW- The Secret World, another MMO

Troll- Someone who tries to upset others by being deliberately inflammatory or annoying, or the act of doing so (“Let’s troll them!” “No, you know I hate trolls”)

TY- Thank you

Vent- A voice chatting service used by some guilds

VG- Vanguard, a Trooper advanced class

WASD- One of the two methods to move using the keyboard. W goes forward, S back, A turns right, D turns left.

WB- World Boss (Need two more to take WB)

Weaks- The easiest level of enemy difficulty

Weekly- A mission that, after you do it, will reset every week.

Whisper- The way to send a private chat message to someone else who’s online, by typing /whisper Name message (Send him a whisper)

WoW- World of Warcraft, another MMO

WTB- Want to Buy (WTB Juggernaut’s Chestpiece)

WTS- Want to Sell (WTS Smuggler’s Fancy Hat)

WTT- Want to Trade

XP-Experience points

YMMV- Your Millage May Vary indicates that whatever statement was made is a matter of personal preference. (I love the Agent Story, but YMMV)
I <3 alts!

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05.11.2014 , 03:25 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Mirdthestrill View Post
System Requirements

The system requirements they listed are complete rubbish. If you try running this game on an integrated graphics system you're going to have a bad time! I had a computer built just for this game based off THEIR listed requirements and had single digit frame rates regardless of where I was or what I was doing.
It's not your fault. And thank you for putting in all this work to help new players out.

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05.11.2014 , 06:06 PM | #16
Wonderful post! I am going to start referencing this to new players - bump for sticky! - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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03.08.2016 , 04:15 AM | #17
This should be published on amazon as a book. Nice job!


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03.09.2016 , 01:07 PM | #18
Wow! Someone sure took their forum vitamins today.
Great job, thanks for the info.
My SWTOR Refer a Friend Link. These are the benefits.

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01.18.2017 , 05:11 PM | #19
By far the best guide for a beginner that I've found, and I've spent a ridiculous amount of time looking.
Well written, and without any assumptions that the reader knows anything about the game. Truly, this is better than even the company-produced resources for beginners that I have seen.
and Thank You!!