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FP need some re-thinking

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04.03.2014 , 04:45 PM | #1
Lately I've kinda became disappointed of fp.

In the past we used to do L50 (when 50 was max level) FP HM and get set bonus of Columi gear (med level grade pve set something like 72 mods today but back then).

Also all those HM back then had the daily quest which gave nice amount of tokens you could use to purchase stuff on the end game pve vendors.

Today I've kinda feel that FP are pretty useless.....
When you get to l50 you zerg so fast to 55 that you pretty much can't enjoy any of the rewards or challenges of the L50 ones.

Then comes the 55 ones which are split into:
1. Tactical = brain dead easy button pushing.
2. HM = Stupidly huge amounts of damage.

Both of those drops pretty crappy gear... no set bonus of any kind and best you get is 69 mod items which you can get for basic commendations from dailies on huge amounts pretty easily.

Thing is some of those FP like the Czerka ones got the "Easy" mode and the "HM" when people play HM (talking pugs here) they for some reason ignore that in hm there are tactics to follow...
Just had a "Core Meltdown" run with pugs while I was tanking with my Jugg...
Got to the Desert area with the green thingies and the storms.
Healer kept running like suicidal zealot under the boss and got himself killed over and over, the Off tank (dps with taunt) didn't was competent enough to taunt the boss to the green thingies so I had to tank and while muli-stunned by the boss try to intercede\taunt him to the green thingies... then the healer and all others kept running under the boss and got killed on rampage aoe and stuff.
Trying to teach them what to do as I've done it many times proved useless and was not worth the effort... they rage quitted and so it ended..

This story happens each time I pug with random people, Only way I'll do 55 HM this days is with my guildies so I'll be sure everyone aware of what to do.

Back to the topic the only benefit of 55 \ 50 FP is on the 55 HM when u get 10 ELITE tokens per daily and some ULTIMATE Tokens for Weekly... thing is the weekly caps makes this rewards pretty useless as you can ignore the ELITE tokens as you'll get LOADS of those from SM\HM ops and reach cap pretty quick then for ULTIMATE better do weekly ops quests and get lot more.

Time and effort involves in today's FP is not worth it as it's not fun most of the time with people to incompetent to ask what to do and the low grade rewards.

So I think FP and their reward tables should be updated first of all to the updated tokens\gear ranks available then remove the ELITE coom's weekly cap so it will be bit worth the effort.
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04.04.2014 , 05:45 PM | #2
agreed..i was talking about this in general yesterday and got obviously trolled..i was on a 54 scoundrel and i wanted to pug LI to get the quest..reward was a BH main hand and 2 biometric crystal alloy which is nice for some old lvl 50 crafting.

while the queue was not popping i realized that you can easily buy with planetary comms mods that are more than enough for NiM lvl 50 ops..which reward hazmat..a lot better of BH dropped by 50 HM.

lvl 55 HM are totally worthless for their drops, since you get tons of basic doing dailies, where you already get 156 gear(oricon quests) which is more than enough to pug ops, if you know how to play ( rare thing today lol).

honestly i felt the 55HM drops like insufficient compared to the gear you had even at realease, since i remember to be geared in 162 in no time when makeb came..we need an upgrade