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Have an idea for a Warzone? Share it with a Dev!

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Have an idea for a Warzone? Share it with a Dev!
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04.08.2014 , 04:51 PM | #731
Belsavis-Dungeon-Style Warzone (like the path from the pylons to soa in "eternity vault")
-gamemode should be similar to voidstar.
-with traps
-maybe player controlled ancient-turrets on tactical important positions (like in Colicoiden Wargames) for the defending team that can be destroyed by damage from the attacking team

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04.08.2014 , 06:42 PM | #732
Instead of another War Zone that requires Que pops can we get a Open World PvP that we have 24/7 PvP the Que are killing this game
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04.08.2014 , 07:06 PM | #733
Quote: Originally Posted by Kazjan View Post
Instead of another War Zone that requires Que pops can we get a Open World PvP that we have 24/7 PvP the Que are killing this game
But they have no plans for that :/

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04.10.2014 , 07:32 AM | #734 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Quote: Originally Posted by Arehonn View Post

PREMISE: The Imperials are launching an assault at the newly formed Epsilon base on Hoth from both air and ground! Join in the defense as a member of the Republic or crush their strategic foothold on the frozen planet of Hoth as an Imperial.

Alerted to the movement of the Imperial march, the Republic has loaded precious cargo of materials needed for new fuel cell technology on board the personal transport ship of Ambassador ( insert name here ), who was on the planet negotiating a truce between the Republic and White Claw. The Imperials have already made their way into the front door or Epsilon and are advancing on the hanger bay. Will the Ambassador safely escape? Will the Republic foothold in the icy mountains of Hoth stand? Or will the Imperials destroy a key resource depot as well as taking down an important figure in the leadership structure of the Republic in one swift blow?


Assault on Hoth is part Aldreeran, part Voidstar. In order for the Ambassador's ship to safely launch and jump to lightspeed, the Republic team must protect three ground to air turrets that are firing upon the Imperial cruisers that are laying in wait. Much like Voidstar, the interior of Epsilon is designed to prevent an attacking force from reaching certain areas of the base thanks in part to blast doors.

- Each turret can be repaired by the Republic, much like the turrets in Aldreeran can be turned depending on which faction holds them.

- The blast doors protecting the access tunnel leading outside to the turrets can be destroyed by targeting and using rocket launchers, like the ones on Illum you needed to use to destroy the ground walkers.

- Depending on what side owns the turret, it will either be a blast door that the Imperials have to take down or a force shield the Republic has to take down that the Imperials have placed to protect repairing the turret.

- Spawn points: Each side will have an access hallway available to the main area. An access hallway will become available to the turret room FROM the spawn point only if your team has control of the turret. So if your side has control of a turret, when you die you can use the access hallway to go to an wait by the turret while the opposing team is in the process of taking down the blast door ( or force shield ) from the main area. Because of the size and different areas of the map your team needs to be at, there is nothing to prevent a respawn time via the access hallway into the main area.

: To win, disable the turrets before the transport ship launches. At any time, If the Imperial cruiser is destroyed, the transport ship launches safely and your side loses.

REPUBLIC: To win, protect the turrets from the Imperials so the transport ship can escape. The Imperial cruiser must be destroyed before this happens! If the cruiser is still functioning, when the transport ship launches, it will be blown out of the sky!

Interesting idea, thanks for the map! It really helped tie the design together. Would you switch sides after a round or is it 'one and done'? What would be the scenario for same-faction matches?
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04.10.2014 , 08:06 AM | #735
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexModny View Post
Interesting idea, thanks for the map! It really helped tie the design together. Would you switch sides after a round or is it 'one and done'? What would be the scenario for same-faction matches?
I have a world PvP thread that you should take a look at and respond to.

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04.10.2014 , 08:24 AM | #736
I played the new Quesh Huttball WZ a few times yesterday, and I love it a lot! I got to thinking about a new warzone version of huttball which would be similar to american style football.

Map: a long map with traps and and terain ramps. Maybe a map on Makeb! That would give a nice feel to playing an outdoor football match.

Scenario: Both teams start on each side above their endzone. The ball is placed at the center and each side must rush to the center to get possesion. so far it is just like a regular huttball match. After the opposing team scores, instead of the ball being placed at center again, the team that won must do a "kick off". Each team trasports to their endzones and the team that scored loads the huttball into a cannon that can moved side to side and launches the ball to the other team in thier endzone. The person controling the cannon and deciding where to fire is the person who scored. The opposing team then must make it all the way to the other endzone while working as a team and trying to score. If the recieving teams carrier is defeated, the other team gets the ball (just like in regular huttball). Time expires just like a regular match. both sides get an opportunity to score after the opponent scores, but team work and coordination are what wins the match.

So there is my thought of a new huttball match type. The mechanic for reseting everyone in their endzones could be just like the mechanic used in the Voidstar warzone where everyone stops fighting and respawns. A lot of people love American Football and if we had a warzone match similar to how the game is played, I think it would be tons of fun! Anyways, just thought I'd give my suggestions. Not sure if it is techincally possible, but I thought I'd help out. I love pvp in this game and the fact that the dev's are putting more effort into improving pvp bodes well for the future of this game. Thanks Alex and Eric for including the community in this discussion!

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04.10.2014 , 10:15 AM | #737
I posted it on suggestion box, although it isn't a warzone it's pvp, and i think it worth to take a look, it's a mix of world pvp, warzone and arena. I've even made a map.

I'll put the original link and the full text below:

Denvoa World PvP Idea

I think the world of a RPG game should be more dynamic and organic, players actions should impact the world, the politics the geografic, the power balance. Should change the world around them.
This way getting the lore from Novare Coast, a warzone that takes place on Denova, bioware could create this denova planet where the focus on it should be the war between Republic vs. Sith Empire. So it could be the entire planet and zones about PvP.

What i thought:
Some maps with some bases that you can take over. So this map's belong to your faction. The other faction can try take it back, on both sides there's a spaceport/base that you can't siege, a safe zone, outside this zone is where the battle takes place. I made this map as exemple: My Denova Map

On northwest is the republic base and southeast Empire base. The red line is the zone's boundaries.
Each map have a progression bar with 10.000 points. A faction need to achieve 6.000 points to dominate a zone, if a faction dominate the base on the map (the bright octogone structure) the other team in order to dominate it back need to put the bar toward the other side by 6000 points. A faction that own the base can, however, increase his points to 10.000, so the other team need even more to get it back. Why not like 5.000 to dominate, cos' this way a faction can take and just one second after the other faction can take it back, with this "safe" range, the other faction have at least some time to lost it again. Plus the defensive team should have some benefit of get the base. One of the benefits is the other team need to pass a thousand points more than half of zone "life" or points.

Now, how to get the points. This could use the valor, each enemy char you kill worth his valor points toward faction warfare effort (the zone bar points). So kill a high valor rank earn more and it's fair, cos' probly thei're are somehow geared. It's like lose a major, the impact is higher than lose a recruit.

But this isn't the only way to earn collective effort points. Could have some quests from time to time, or events, or each player can do a quest each 15 minutes. Pvp quest, completing it earns a bonus of 250 warfare effort points.

What i think about quests: It could have 2 major types of quests; Open world quests and Phased quests.

Open world take place in the zones, like escort a elite soldier back home (marked as a red X on my map), kill some players. Heal a certain amount. Arm bombs on some places.

Phased pvp quests, like phased story class quest. Its like world pvp, but imagine a scenario that allow only a certain number of players, like a live organic warzone. But you isn't transported there, you need to enter by the door, and the oposite faction can guard it. Those quests represent like spec ops, missions that require a special squadron. I put some structures on the map that represent it, One mission could be Sabotage the force generator. Or infiltrate a building and kill a NPC. Or enter a buildng and rescue a NPC. But it isn't PVE missions, in the meanwhile the opposite faction enter the same phased area and try to stop you. Some mission can be even nullify opposite team mission. Like a arena, you enter if you die, the other team succeed so you can't do it anymore. You fail your mission and thy succeeded.

So each mission could have limit, like only 12 people can get this mission, once they get it, the others cant, need to wait 15 minutes to get it. So you need to queue. Open world missions do not have limit of players.

So factions may use some premade team to do a specift mission.

The missions could also give some benefit, like a bonus to everybody if you complete it.

So, to not let the maps stactic, one side ganking other, it could have a system like this. The first map near your faction base your faction gain a bonus on warfare effort points. Each kill multiply the bonus of warfare effort by 2 so if you kill sombody that have 72 valor rank in your x2 bonus zone your team will earn 144 WP (warfare Points)

So near your base is more likely you re-gain the second base control. Your second zone give you a x1.5 bonus.
Some phased missions like assassinate a general can reduce the bonus in 0.5, so in your second zone you gain no bonus (1.5 - 0.5 = 1) and in your first zone your bonus is reduced to 1.5.

If you kill sombody inside enemys base it could give 3 times the warfare effort points. So siege could be a good thing. But inside the base enemy should have some benefit. Like cannot be CCd, or reduce the CC time by half, or even double the amount of resolve created by a cc abilitiy. Or a boost in the expertise's damage reduction.

Phased Missions bonus could be:
Assassination: Reduce the valor multiplier by 0.5. for 15 minutes. Cos' its affect the morale and the strategic decisions of your team.
Abduction: Show the position of all other players in the map for 15 minutes. Why? Cos you abducted a general and he give away the faction attack and defense plans.
Retrive a computer data could be the same effect of abduction.
Sabotage the power generator: Reduce or deny the defensive bonus for the team that fight inside the base cos they lost the shield base protection.

I guess that's it for now.

I have another idea that i think it's nice, but as seems that bioware never take a look, i am tired of elaborate, spend time making maps and diagrams to nothing.
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04.11.2014 , 04:22 AM | #738
A previously submitted idea (, re-edited for this thread.

Quote: Originally Posted by morbidcritic View Post

All of the Warzones feature a Twist, something to make it a little different.

Suggestion #1: The Last Shuttle
The Twist: teams consist of mixed imperials and Republic players working together.

This Warzone takes place on a disintegrating space station, with each team trying to access the last remaining 8 man shuttle. Due to the station's badly damaged AI, it has mixed up the two factions... and won't allow the shuttle to leave unless the passengers match it's miscalculated roster. In addition to fighting off the other team, players must contend with falling debris and other environmental hazards. Objective wise, Teams must secure access codes from other parts of the map and input them at the shuttle itself, while comrades try to hold off the opposition. When enough codes are received by the shuttle, it will evacuate the successful team.
A 4/4 split of Imperial & Republic players per team would still allow a grouped party of 4 to participate. During play, back-fill players could come from any faction. This WZ suggestion is probably the easiest to implement of the 3 suggestions. While some factional players might not like the idea of fighting alongside the opposition, I would hope the novelty and challenge factor would override most biases.

Suggestion #2: Balmorran Blitz
The Twist: the WZ features the use of NPC republic & imperial troops.

This map features the cliffs and valleys of Balmorra, with each opposing team containing one base (eg an Imperial Firebase Vs a Resistance/Republic stronghold). The objective is to escort small groups of troops to the enemy base, while seeking to stop the enemy from doing likewise. Only these troops have the ability to damage the enemy base (once they arrive), but they can be killed by defeating the player who leads them. Victory occurs when enough damage is done to one of the bases.
It would be nice if these troops had the means to 'lightly' damage any 'detected' enemy players within a short range, but that is up for debate. Stealthing players cannot lead troops. It would be nice for players to heroically mow down these troops personally... but given how much damage players can dish out (not mention tanking/healing options), it probably isn't feasible. Perhaps exploring a separate mass of player killable troops that are trickling towards the bases would do the trick to capture that heroic feel. Said troops would damage the base if they were allowed to reach it. Exactly how many troops are required to destroy the base is for the Devs to decide, but I would advocate a group of player led troops consisting of 3-5 members.

Suggestion #3: Tundra Shootout
The Twist: a fleet of Vehicles for (optional) use.

This Warzone is set on the icy plains of Hoth, with a battle raging over the possession of a heating station. To help turn the tide, both forces have access to ground vehicles of at least 2-3 varieties... a swift moving but lightly armed speeder, a slower but heavily armed tractor, and perhaps a field repair vehicle. The stats and abilities of the vehicles are something for others to debate. There is a single node on the map (the station) that must be contested. The arctic conditions periodically drain away heating from the spawn points, only control of the station will halt the heat loss. The first team to run out of heating is defeated.

Thanks for reading.

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04.13.2014 , 11:30 PM | #739
Quote: Originally Posted by idnewton View Post
Have them check this out
Reposting for the sake of it being completely lost in all the unsub qq about the FAQ questions.

Also, I'm working on a Manaan right now, since the Boston Cantina Tour files were released. I have a feeling that's going to be the next big spot.

Also, Manaan will be done in U⁴ as opposed to Uł so it's a good opportunity to test out the new engine as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by idnewton View Post
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04.14.2014 , 07:46 AM | #740
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexModny View Post
Interesting! Always liked the idea of a MOBA and MMO genre teaming up, it would be fun if done right I think. Would the turrets fire at attackers? If so how would the damage 'decrease' over the course of the warzone like they do in most MOBAs (via characters getting stronger items as the game goes on)? What would prevent players from avoiding each other to get to the last turret/final objective as fast as possible/before the other team?
do it plz