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Anger Management is Recruiting!

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03.30.2014 , 03:57 AM | #1
Anger Management, a PVE-focused Republic guild, is recruiting active players for multi-weekly Story-mode operations, as well as looking for subs for HM progression.

Any level 55 character is eligible to join. All we ask of you is have gear that is "Ops ready". The gear you get from completing the Oricon story missions is great for 1st timers. Those interested in HM progression need to meet the following requirements: 72/78 mixed gear with proper augments for your spec, Mumble with working mic, Parsec installed. HM experience is a plus, but we are willing to train the right people.

Team One, our HM progression team, is also in the need of a Sage or Commando DPS with healing experience. There is at least one fight we would need you to heal for, but you will be DPSing more then not. The HM requirements listed above apply, as well as a live Mumble interview to meet the team members and make sure you're a good fit.

If we get enough people interested, we will see about form a Team Two progression group as well.

Anger Management raids all week long, and due to a lot of East Coast player, meet in the late afternoon to early evening. We have our weekly Dread Fortress/Dread Palace back-to-back run on Tuesday from 6pm-9pm PST (official server time; or 9pm-12am EST). Many of the core group have multiple alts and will run Story mode ops all week long.

For more info or for an invite, PM direct here, check out the website at, or contact in-game at any of the characters in my forum signature. Players interested in HM progression, please apply at

Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon
Arkaine (Jedi & Sith) - Rendarr (Troopers/BHs) - Prowler (Agents & Smugglers)

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04.01.2014 , 12:17 AM | #2
Still looking for the Sage or Commando DPS for our HM team!

Also anyone loking for a solid DF/DP story mode run, join us at 6pm PST for Anger Management's weekly run. Contact me on any of my characters listed in my forums signature for more info.
Arkaine (Jedi & Sith) - Rendarr (Troopers/BHs) - Prowler (Agents & Smugglers)