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I am looking for a Mature Guild

DarthRook's Avatar

03.27.2014 , 11:22 AM | #1
Hello my name is Rook and I am looking for a mature guild on the Harbinger Server. Preferably one that accepts more casual players who cannot always raid or PvP but can contribute financially and crafting when time permits. The short and skinny of it is that I am an adult with a family of my own and travel across the US for work. When i get time to get on the game, i want to be able to have adult conversations and fun without all the trolling, spamming, complaining and childish crud that I have grown out of. Please feel free to contact me if I sound like something your interested in.

Thanks in advance,
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03.27.2014 , 08:34 PM | #2
Check out Dark Legacy. We run raids most nights of the week and light to have fun while we do it. We run comms runs Tues/Wed/Sun and progression Thurs/Fri. Our sign ups are all by website on a first come first serve basis (as long as you are geared for the run), so its a really good set up for someone that has a different schedule every week. Whisper Vons or Faizah in game or check out our website for more information.

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03.27.2014 , 09:38 PM | #3
Hi Rook,

<The Spectre Wardens> are always recruiting new members and would be happy to have you in our guild. We have some very committed players and a lot of people who log in every few weeks or so. We also have one raid team and are in the process of setting up a second. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can also check out our website in my signature.
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03.28.2014 , 01:35 PM | #4
Hey Rook,

We are a fairly large, open guild. We have several members interested in all aspects of the game. Our guild ranges from leveling groups, casual pvp and ops groups, to the more hardcore progression groups. Our goal has been to be a place where all gamer types have a place to call home and no one is left behind. We have several casual players who enjoy playing and due to work schedules or time constraints are unable to make scheduled ops groups, when they are able to play we try and fit them in where we can or just enjoy catching up with them when they are on. We do not allow drama and we consistently follow up on bad behavior and squash it before it spreads. We also do not allow foul language (cussing, dirty jokes, etc) in our main guild chat but have the option to join another ch to express such feelings if someone finds it necessary (which rarely happens with the caliber of players we attract). We are active voice chat users and hang out with each other just to talk or to communicate while in leveling or ops groups. We are always happy to answer questions and help the newer player learn about SWTOR.

If we sound like something you are interested in let me know! Always looking for more mature players to join our ranks.

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04.02.2014 , 11:00 AM | #5
As you didn't say which side, I will say, I think you might fit in well with either my Imp side guild, Black Watch, or my Republic side guild, Lando's Bromandos.

Black Watch is a casual guild, we run SM Ops on Saturday nights, taking whatever guildies are on that want to go and adding guests to get up to 16 for the sweet coms =). We also have members that pvp, and you would definitely not be the only one contributing crafting skills and creds to the guild. We are generally friendly and welcoming to all.

Lando's Bromandos is more of a raiding guild, but our progression is during the week, and we run SM Ops on Sundays for the weeklies, again, taking any guildies that want to go, and adding guests to get up to 16 people. Also a friendly, welcoming guild, a little more rough around the edges, but still within the realm of what you described you were looking for.

If you are interested, you can drop me an in-game mail at any of the names listed in my signature, and I could answer any questions you may have.
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