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Expansion: Galactic Striongholds - what housing items will crew skills craft?

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Expansion: Galactic Striongholds - what housing items will crew skills craft?

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03.21.2014 , 06:46 AM | #1
As the title says:

What will be the items that certain crew skill can craft? I would like to have a list to know what crew skills to eventually pull up/switch.
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03.21.2014 , 06:51 AM | #2
With the number of characters you have, I would be surprised if you didn't have one of each. Hopefully all of the crafting skills could make something for the player housing.

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03.22.2014 , 01:08 AM | #3
First point not saying you want these in your house just throwing out possibilities.

Biochem: Might make Kolto tanks and similar stuff or cause its biochem might be supplies for your bar.

Armormech: Could make big heavy metal furniture (kinda fits with the tone of it) or (and like some other people seem to want) mannequins to store your armor sets on.

Armstech: Maybe weapons racks and other smaller metal furniture ( I feel both this and armourmech would have a hard feel to the furniture and other options they make).

Cybertech: Lots of techie options like holo dancers or holo bands (a holo guitarist was seen in the trailer) and maybe other computer terminals.

Synthweaving: Luxury or just more comfortable furniture than say armourmech (but still normal sorts of furniture couches, beds, etc). Where i could see armourmech having a very spartan approach this would swing the other way and seem very over the top.

Artifice: Probably to synthweaving what armstech is to armourmech (the smaller sort of furniture items like single chairs). Also crystalline decorations.

Thats just how they feel to me.