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Frequently Asked PvP Questions

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Frequently Asked PvP Questions
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03.20.2014 , 05:18 PM | #201
I am a casual PvPer, and even I am alarmed by these answers.

On the flip side, the PvP community where I play is rather toxic towards new and inexperienced players. I think that we cannot pretend that our own actions in PvP at large as a community (not merely wins and losses in matches) do not sometimes chase people away from trying to play for more than one or two matches ever. By, "we," I am being ambiguous and not specific to any posters in this thread. I could also be way off base at large, but these have been my personal experiences with the PvP community.

This also in no way frees up Bioware from the disappointing information they offered in this thread. All I'm saying is, if you are playing and you are going to stick around, then try to help the new players learn and/or at least try to offset or defuse the words of the less than noble elements of the PvP crowd that end up chasing new PvPers away.

This is also not to say that such things don't happen in PvE, particularly for Ops, but that's a topic for a different thread.

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03.20.2014 , 05:18 PM | #202
Quote: Originally Posted by Neoforcer View Post
I have stuck with this game and i am a founder who only pvp for 2 years i not blaming people what i am saying is you all are making a mountain out of a mole hill . Population they have server transfers available to you to change your situation. But you all wanted to roll pvp server while the pve server pop is still fine hell my server has 4 version of fleet and que pops ever 2 min but hey let complain more. IT been helping for 2 year right.
No one cares about regs dammit. The population concern is about ranked.

Also as someone that used to be on JC and left for POT5...JC has fast reg pops but that server has some of the worst pvpers I have ever seen and it only got worse when all the good players bailed for POT5. I decided to leave when I was spending 30 minutes waiting for a ranked pop.

With that said, if BW bothered to implement cross server I could of stayed on the server instead of spending money moving all my toons. But of course, why would BW do something like add cross server when they can continue to rip money from people with server transfers.

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03.20.2014 , 05:21 PM | #203
Quote: Originally Posted by Pistols View Post
I'm on it!

Cycao, to the bat cave noa!!!
I'm in but I'm not putting on pants.

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03.20.2014 , 05:22 PM | #204
The reason these questions are frequently asked is because your player base wants them and to say to 90% of them that there are no plans to implement is just a slap in the face to PvPers.

What exactly is on the PvP development time table, obviously it's nothing we're asking for. Yes we're getting a new Hutball map, and I'm sure the design will be fun, but all we're asking for is some improvements to existing content, most of which can be fixed by simply merging the warzone queues and giving us a bigger population to play with.

This is the worst PR I've ever seen from any company. Your consumers are telling you what they want and all you say is too bad you get nothing. Who runs a business like this, where is the carrot to keep us interested in PvP. What is the point in continuing to support this game when you clearly are not listening to your consumers.

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03.20.2014 , 05:31 PM | #205
this is sad news to recieve. i quite recently returned to the game, but seeing all these nonos on the part i almost exclusively do, i will probably not stick around much longer. i love star wars, but i play mmos because i love pvp in that particular gamestyle. and it seems like the future is not too bright in this game, atleast not for this aspect.
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03.20.2014 , 05:31 PM | #206
I doubt .02% of the PVP population leaving due to this thread is going to frighten them into action.
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03.20.2014 , 05:34 PM | #207
Quote: Originally Posted by Elfa View Post
I doubt .02% of the PVP population leaving due to this thread is going to frighten them into action.
Nothing will frighten them into action, welcome to TOR, you must be new here.

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03.20.2014 , 05:35 PM | #208
Quote: Originally Posted by Elfa View Post
I doubt .02% of the PVP population leaving due to this thread is going to frighten them into action.
Id bet that the majority of the people who regularly PvP is even aware of this thread since so few of them even use the forums. This will probably have more of an impact than you think.

If you're a super casual/terrible player for PvP you're probably loving this day.

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03.20.2014 , 05:35 PM | #209
The comment of Eric on the live stream was the last shot of ignorance and arrogance ever.

You know I can read english and can understand very well what is posted on the Dev Tracker and the FAQ etc. We don't misunderstand.

Wildstar beta weekend is starting tomorrow, I'll be playing on US server again because it's been kinda cool playing while keeping my English up with voip.

We didn't understand anything wrong BW, you just have no answers.

And btw. free all those who have just been perma banned for criticizing your work. Ignore it all, I'm sure it will help improve the game.

124 days played on my Main, over 5000 hrs using Xfire... sad to have it all crushed in one day.
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03.20.2014 , 05:38 PM | #210
Have fun merging servers.
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