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Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer

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Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.26.2014 , 01:26 PM | #401
Quote: Originally Posted by Salorea View Post
I've seen dozens of conjectures on this, but no Official responses (that I've found). Can we get a heads-up on whether or not existing crafts will be able to make items? Or will it be a new craft? Some of us who have sadly neglected our crafting alts would like to get busy and level up our profs if they will be used for Stronghold accessories.

It's possible the answer to this is under NDA and that's why I can't find the answer, so if that is indeed the case, could you just say, "NDA, sorry,"

All that has been said is this:

You will earn a set of starter decorations when you purchase your first Stronghold. Many decorations will be available on existing vendors throughout the game as new rewards for Reputations, PvP, Crew Skills, and more. While some of these decorations will be available for credits and other currencies, many will require components created by crafters. Decorations can also be obtained as loot drops from Flashpoints and Operations. Finally, a variety of unique decorations can be purchased with Cartel Coins on the Cartel Market.

I would guess (educated guess not 100% accurate) it would be existing crafting professions. My recommedations regarding this is if you like to craft work on your crafting just in case. I am in the midst of working on the 3 that I don't have maxed yet.
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03.27.2014 , 04:20 AM | #402
Quote: Originally Posted by iowaboynca View Post
CORRECTION: I forgot that ROTHC was free to us I expect the big expansion will be the same, especially all the focus they're placing on the subbers right know.
It is free now, it wasn't free when it came out :P I think we had to pay around $9-10 to pre-order ROTHC. I'm not sure when exactly they made it free for the subbs, but it was a few months after its launch.
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03.27.2014 , 12:34 PM | #403
Looks like there are multiple "flats" available for purchase, at least on Coruscant. Possibly more than one building per planet.

Some of the skylines seem to show the spaceport with the docked ship and seem to be located lower in the building, whereas one looks like to be at the top and has an open vista of other skyscrapers.

Can you say huuuge credit sink lol?

100mil for the penthouse in the senate district.

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03.27.2014 , 12:41 PM | #404
Player housing, legacy banks and guild flagships? Sweet!

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03.27.2014 , 03:10 PM | #405
Quote: Originally Posted by aeterno View Post
Can you say huuuge credit sink lol?

100mil for the penthouse in the senate district.
I'm prepared to pay that for a NS penthouse, preferably above the Star Cluster casino.
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04.01.2014 , 06:54 PM | #406
Would have been nicer to have all the planned stronghold features for our ship instead of a house. Just saying...

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04.05.2014 , 07:40 PM | #407
You know, instead of mannequins to decorate the place with, I think it would be nicer to Purchase/Hire Dancers and Servants for your home for entertainment and to keep the place nice while you're gone. And that you could use Adaptive to play dress up with your Employees and basically decorate them while they go about your home performing their tasks. Plus the ability to see all your Companions in your home when you enter the instance, which works since most of them is geared and looking how you want them anyway.

Just having mannequins to throw your old armor on would be kinda boring and too much like Skyrim. But servants you can purchase and then dress up as they work in your home? That would feel a lot more like Star Wars. Coruscant would have Maids, Nar Shadaa would have Dancers, and Dromund Kaas would, of course, have slaves working for them. Just a few NPC's to give that more in-depth feeling to the world.

I do understand players having wanted to decorate their Class Ships. We may yet hope for that, but Player Housing seemed a more readily able solution. Besides with Galactic Starfighter we can customize those ships to a degree and use them in Space PvP. So they did move in that direction, if not in the way we were looking for.
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04.08.2014 , 02:25 PM | #408
Quote: Originally Posted by ReckonerH View Post
Would have been nicer to have all the planned stronghold features for our ship instead of a house. Just saying...
Speak for your self, i for one do not want to be stuck on my ship constantly, having friends over for rp will crowd the ship pretty fast. having housing is way better, different themes, different locations, Npc's to your liking, not just companions so yeah imo strongholds > player ship
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04.08.2014 , 02:53 PM | #409
Quote: Originally Posted by aeterno View Post
Can you say huuuge credit sink lol?

100mil for the penthouse in the senate district.
Well, there's not much else to spend your credits on once you've got your character's cosmetics sorted. Besides, if the GTN prices are anything to go by these days, then most people should have plenty to throw around.

Zerex_Kildron's Avatar

04.08.2014 , 02:57 PM | #410
I was so excited about this expansion I immediately resubbed. Like many others I am counting down the days to the release, but I think we can all agree when I say; take your time, Bioware. Don't rush it!

Thank you for this expansion, it will enhance my gaming experiencing by a huge amount!
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