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Help me play the game after Corellia - Correct storyline!

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Help me play the game after Corellia - Correct storyline!

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03.17.2014 , 05:45 PM | #1
Hello everyone! There are so many places to go in the so called "end game content" so I need your expertise fellow heroes of the galaxy.

After my class story ended and I have brought Corellia to the Empire (I thought!!!) I dont know what to do. Apparently I'm off to Ilum, and some guy from the Imperial Intelligence or something sent me this encrypted message that they need me on Belsavis for something big going on there. I walked around the fleet and talked to a lad calling me back to Corellia Black Hole, but then I felt i was talking with someone from the future because he mentioned things about trouble on Denova and famous Hutts dying. I'm certain Karagga is still alive (If you know what I mean) and there's no Denova yet.

Whatever. Anyway, how is the best way to make my Star Wars saga easiest to follow? Is there some sort of a timline I should follow when doing my end game missions/flashpoints/operations? I want the story to be as perfect as possible. I'm not afraid of spoilers, I just wanna do things right for my Sith Juggernaut.

Thanks for helping beforehand.

May the force be with you all.
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03.17.2014 , 06:10 PM | #2