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KDY Ability Lag

Arcadius-Fett's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 06:39 AM | #1
Just in case, somehow someone isn't aware of it... I'm referring to the brief moments where no one can activate any abilities.

I'm surprised there wasn't a thread on this within the first few pages of this forum, I know everybody experiences this bug regardless of your server ping.

I haven't seen any posts from BW acknowledging it, I hope they fix it soon. It hasn't occurred at a critical moment where I fail to hit a defensive ability and die because of it yet, but I have had some close calls (about 90% of the time I run this flashpoint the group is 4 dps and I'm pulling a lot of aggro).

I hope they take the time to fix it soon.
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KyleSChen's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 07:04 AM | #2
I tend to experience this too. There's a short "delay" where all abilities are put on hold for a few seconds then they all activate after it's over. I usually experience this in the ship scenario on the first set of guard droids, just sayin' for reference.
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03.17.2014 , 07:34 AM | #3
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Arcadius-Fett's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 07:35 AM | #4
Oh I did not see that, thank you!
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