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8 HC Dread Palace

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03.14.2014 , 06:37 AM | #1
Hi Guys

8 HC Dread Palace is it possible to clear it with 1 rdd and 3 or mdd or should it be more like 2rdd and 2mdd??

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03.14.2014 , 07:08 AM | #2
we clear is most of the time with 3 melee and one range. no issues there. Just need to be more careful with some bosses on your positioning. But in general no issues what so ever to have more melee then range
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03.14.2014 , 09:53 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by ThermalKandalf View Post
Hi Guys

8 HC Dread Palace is it possible to clear it with 1 rdd and 3 or mdd or should it be more like 2rdd and 2mdd??
Even 4 melee is possible, Phases 1 and 3, where having more melee is slightly annoying, have no dps check really, so if you're a bit slower on it with melee, that's fine.

Some basic setups for phase 1:
Method A.
1. One raptus kiter
2 & 3. Two who get on Calphayus at the start, then switch to Tyrans (Phase 3: one on Bestia & one on Tyrans)
4. One pivot who stays on Bestia until Tyrans comes down, then switches to Tyrans, then switches to Raptus when others get on Tyrans (Phase 3: starts out helping on Raptus)

Method B.
1. One raptus kiter
2. One on Calphayus (will switch to Bestia in phase 3 soon after the start)
3. One who gets on Tyrans when he gets down
4. One pivot (Bestia to Tyrans to Raptus phase 1, start on Raptus phase 3)

Pivot: It's nice for this player to be ranged, but with a melee it will also be fine, you just might have to have some dps stop or switch if their boss is getting low. (This player isn't even truly necessary phases 1 & 3 if you're willing to wait for a while.) The hardest part for a melee here will be getting damage on Raptus. Just run out when the red circle is coming.

Raptus kiter: The key point here is not to lose threat to the pivot (or the healers I suppose) in phase 1. So preferably a class that can do decent damage at range on the move or at least within 10 meters on the move. The next alternative would be to use someone with a taunt. Failing all that, you may have to have your pivot slow down (or the pivot be ready to commence kiting).

Watch a video for this. If you time it right, a little bit after the red circle you can stop and he'll run up to you and then stand doing nothing for a moment before beginning his cast for the knockback. Even a melee can do reasonable dps by standing there and dpsing then, and then running out a little before the cast ends.

Other two: Melee is no problem.

Recommendation: If one of your melee is a lethality op, pyro powertech, or madness assassin, I'd try that player kiting. Otherwise, I'd try the ranged kiting.

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03.16.2014 , 11:44 AM | #4
We even did it with vigilance guardian kiting, he even did decent DPS. It's player not class
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