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Fix the stuck running bug

Omedarcus's Avatar

03.13.2014 , 02:49 PM | #1
Seriously this is very annoying. Every time you die from falling and come back, you end up stuck running in place and sometimes you cant get out. Even worse, it happened to me a in an op in DF. Got stuck running after going through the portal in DF after dying, so couldnt help my team because i was stuck running.

TheOuroborus's Avatar

03.14.2014 , 12:40 PM | #2
Here's the weird part, it has never happened to me (and I've been playing since pre-launch), but I can see other toons around me stuck in it.

My odd running bug is coming out of a cut-scene (not all, mostly just the ones where I'm to do instant combat) and I'm in auto-run. Hitting the 'S' and 'Down' keys together gets me out of it, but by that time I'm usually already stuck on a wall with half my health gone.

Oh, and sometimes I'm stuck just twirling in place. Taking both hands and simply slamming all the keys on my keyboard a few times fixes it. LOL!

(and no, it's not my keyboard... I've had three since launch)
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