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Nightmare Kephess TFB

mikebevo's Avatar

03.14.2014 , 11:01 AM | #11
Okay a number I am not proud of, 80 tries/79 failures. It took my guild 80 tries to down Kephess before we finally tasted victory. Still my proudest kill in TOR (even though technically I healed the fight, other than keeping tanks and dps up had very little to do with killing him). Barrage was the reason it took so many times to figure out this fight. I think we saw about every bug or mechanic issue you could think of. I agree with KeyboardNinja, there is no rhyme or reason to it. I believe it went to the healer a lot, but then again I was that healer, so it most likely just seems that way to me, but I have seen everyone get it, but people with nanites or the tank on boss. We beat it by staying away from pillar unless you have nanites and with less people away from the pillar and spread out it become really easy to figure out if barrage is following you. Now I still find it difficult to figure out who it is following if not me, but when it is on me it appears really obvious to me. To me this is just a check everyone awareness individually because by the time someone calls out who it is following correctly, it is usually too late. Lucky for me I play a sawbones, so I can just always pretend it is after me until I am sure. In other words I run around a lot if I donít have nanites (then roll some too if it gets too close). Just until you are sure you canít get too far away or you may have difficulty getting back to pillar when 2nd wave goes out.

My other advice is a lot of misinformation can go out in voice, so donít assume anyone is right about whom barrage is on until you verify it yourself. More than once we wiped because someone yelled it was on them and I ended up carrying it into the middle of the group.

We run this now and laugh about it taking us 80 tries, the fight is easy mode now.