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I have just seen a bug and I think it's a bug.

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I have just seen a bug and I think it's a bug.

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03.10.2014 , 06:29 PM | #1
Something really freaky just happened on the last daily at CZ-198 , on the mission anti-toxin recovery. The final boss basically ( huge tentacle ) there was a big hulk green grasshopper attached to the bottom of it now and again , I was seriously freaked out! So I ask is this bug a bug ? Maybe it's a sign I don't know but if I see it again , well if i do cz weekly again ( which I hardly do these days ) then I will try take a pic.

Scary stuff Bioware.


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03.10.2014 , 06:59 PM | #2
Pretty sure its one of treek's abilities if you have her.

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03.10.2014 , 07:02 PM | #3
Should of took a screenshot so we could be sure.
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03.10.2014 , 11:41 PM | #4
Bigfoot? Bigfoot?!?! BIGFOOT!

Oh... not Bigfoot?
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03.11.2014 , 01:23 AM | #5
I've seen it a few times myself, on one of 2 occasions.. I've either used my Electro net on my merc and spotted it as the tentacle is spinning around when it dives or when Treek uses an ability and again when the tentacle dives