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Cartel Market Player Housing Suggestions(its now official)

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Cartel Market Player Housing Suggestions(its now official)

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04.05.2014 , 11:56 PM | #41

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09.25.2014 , 03:51 PM | #42
I really love all of these Here's some of my own ideas:


Personal space station (I don't care if its a False Emperor ripoff, make it happen :P)
Rakata Prime
3rd Rakatan space station (This would be awesome as a rare drop from Revan in an operation, the unlock item could be hyperspace coordinates)

Malgus's throne (from The False Emperor)
Rewards for codex entries, for example a mounted beast head if you have the beast in your codex
Dark Honor Guard npc
Sith npc
Jedi npc
Havoc Squad Commando npc

(Also, for rewards from The False Emperor and The Foundry, yes I'm a Malgus/Revan fanboy :P)

The False Emperor:

Story - Darth Malgus Holostatue
Hard - Darth Malgus's throne (I would say his saber or mask, but it fell down a reactor shaft :P And he could still be alive)

The Foundry:

Story - Revan Holostatue (Or HK-47 if Revan is an Operations boss)
Hard - Foundry holo projection, or perhaps something unique relating to his past.
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