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Love your Kinetic Ward!

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Love your Kinetic Ward!

Leafy_Bug's Avatar

03.06.2014 , 08:24 AM | #1
With everyone testing on the PTS to prepare for NiM, I am sure many of us found out how spoiled we are when our connection to our home servers is under 100 ms. A good example of this can be found in our Corruptor Zero kill video. At around 6 minutes and 20 seconds, you will hear me say 'whoa, he butchered me badly'. To better understand what that means, please find below .


01:40:53.424 Corruptor Zero's Sweeping Slash hits Irisa for 11518 kinetic damage, causing 11518 threat.
01:40:53.817 Irisa's Phase Walk adds effect Shadow's Shelter to Lara'sun.
01:40:53.918 Corruptor Zero's Sweeping Slash hits Irisa for 13821 kinetic damage, causing 13821 threat.

My lag on the PTS is usually 80-100 ms but at times i jumps to 200-300 and then dips back down. In the video you will see that I fail to activate my KW on time. The first hit was taken fully with 8 stacks of bullwark and the second as well even though I managed to lift the ward by spamming the button.

The bright side of this incident? The healers know what to expect, roughly, if a the kinetic ward is not lifted or optimal when Zero does his Sweeping Slash at 20%+. Furthermore, those of you who like to see how math translates in gameplay, this video is a good wake up call on how you should love your Kinetic Ward and learn the best way of using it.

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03.09.2014 , 10:09 PM | #2
I've found the PVE servers have worse latency than RP servers...oddly. I'm guessing population or something is an issue.

I moved from TEH (Terrible server) to JC, and latency has been quite iffy. Thought about Harbinger but latency was 160ms steady.
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