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[guide] what's the best crew skill for <insert class here>?

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[guide] what's the best crew skill for <insert class here>?

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12.20.2016 , 11:50 AM | #71
[QUOTE=psandak;9178470]Actually slicing materials only apply to item modifications not armor. If you want to craft purple equipment (anything that goes into one of the 14 slots on the character sheet) then you need purple materials other than sliced parts:
  • Artifice lightsabers (not lightsaber hilts) and foci require Treasure Hunting purple materials

A couple corrections:
o Artifice Relics also require TH, not Slicing
o Artifice Color Crystals (a modification) require TH, not Slicing
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12.20.2016 , 12:08 PM | #72
Thank you eartharioch, changes made
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