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Gear Requirement for Ops SM

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Gear Requirement for Ops SM

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03.06.2014 , 03:52 AM | #11
Equip is not really that important for Sm operations. More mandatory would be knowing the Bosstactics. For that i strongly recommend to switch to dps, join a 16 sm raid and watch the tanks. You cant really wipe in Sm because of bad equipment except when you have less than 1000 defstats. The only reason for wiping would be not knowing the bosstactics.

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03.06.2014 , 11:28 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Superfreack View Post
I want to start Tanking SM Operations, but I donít want to start until Iím prepared.
What is a decent benchmark of gear that I will need to start Tanking SMs?

The average item level of my current gear is probably 162. I purchased all of the Elite com pieces that donít have Alacrity in them. The rest of my gear is made up of Ĺ drops from HM FPs and Ĺ basic comms purchases.
To improve my gear and start earning Ultimate comms, what is the best course of action? Should I farm more Elite Comms and rip out alacrity mods for the basic comm mods? Should I farm credits and buy mods and implants/Ear/Relics? Should I PUG the easiest SMs?

Also Ė Is there a site that is good for learning the strats for Operation Bosses?
1. Learning the fights:

The story modes aren't that taxing in terms of gear as long as you do the mechanics. The possibilities for first doing the fights:

a. Join a guild or ask in your guild to set up a run for you to learn the fight. I'd suggest 8 man if this is how you're going as it's cleaner for learning without as many people running around. Hopefully you can get a patient group that's happy to learn with you and with someone in it that knows some of the strategies.

b. Join a pug run, which will almost certainly be 16 man (people want the ultimate comms). Here, you'll want to have done your homework, or have a main tank who is willing to explain things nicely and clearly. Preferably both.

To learn the fights beforehand, either:
-Join as dps and see how the mechanics work, paying particular attention to what the tanks are doing
-Read a guide ( has some; there are also other sites with more complete guides that you can google around for)
-Watch a youtube video or twitch stream of the fight
(Ideally all of the above if you want to be fully prepared)

2. Gear:

As I was saying above, for tfb and s&v at least, this doesn't matter so much. Your gear is already more than acceptable.

Some possibilities if you want to tune your gear more:

A. Maximizing your survivability:

a. Have relics. Simplest is to buy two tank relics with *different effects* (the effects don't stack if they're the same) from the basic and/or classic commendation vendor. If you pvp, you can also get conqueror or obroan relics.

b. Don't have any alacrity or accuracy on your gear.

c. Choose items based on maximizing the sum of shield + defense + absorb on them unless the difference in endurance is huge. For enhancements, the best you can get until you use ultimate comms or do operations are the advanced immunity enhancement 28 and advanced sturdiness enhancement 28 (from gtn or crafting). Get used to ripping out and mixing & matching the best armoring/mod/enhancements you have.

d. Buy purple level 54 ears and implants with the name veracity [something] and 105 shield and 98 defense. These are available on the gtn for not too much (from crafters). They have tons of mitigation stats, and are better than anything you'll find except in hard mode operations or (for the ones you can buy that have shield on them, not accuracy) for purchase with ultimate comms.

e. Augment your gear with a defensive stat (shield, defense, absorb).

f. If you have tons of classic comms, use the 61 armorings with a set bonus (only if you can get 2 or 4 pieces) until you get a level 55 set bonus. (Or 78 armorings, which will be slightly better than 61 with set bonus, but worse than 69+ with set bonus, I believe.)

g. Look around in this forum for what mix of shield, defense, and absorb. Roughly: all classes want a mix, but with juggs higher on defense, powertechs higher on shield, and assassins higher on absorb.

B. Looking good:

If you're looking to join a pug, it helps to have people have confidence in you as a tank. They'll let you join at all to begin with, and stay with you longer, if they have some degree of confidence in you. Unfortunately, for most people, this is directly related to your quantity of HP, which is not particularly related to your tankiness.

If you feel it's necessary to up your HP to look good: You can use higher endurance mods (the ones from comms are already higher endurance). You can also get microfilament or [artifact] microfilament implant/ear or basic/elite comm ones over the veracity ones. Last resort (only if you really feel it necessary) is to have some of your enhancements be high endurance. Don't augment for endurance.

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03.10.2014 , 01:32 AM | #13
You can go in with 63s. That's what I did. HM FPs hit harder than SM OPs I found. So meh.
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