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Wow I'm so weak, what do I do?

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Wow I'm so weak, what do I do?

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12.23.2011 , 12:14 AM | #1
Chain lightning hits for 400, lightning strike hits for a pathetic 200. My companion crits 1000... As of right now my strategy is spamming cc and heals on myself to let my companion kill everything...

I am level 23 lightning spec.

BTW I switched off of kem (he had 4k hp I kept him geared) because he was just dying too fast.

Should I just reroll? I am also pretty weak in pvp, lightning strike hits for 600-800 and chain lightning 1000-1200.

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12.23.2011 , 12:30 AM | #2
Your problem in PvP is that you're Lightning Spec. It's not bad for PvP persay, it actually has some really useful skills and burst for PvP. However, it's not very mobile so you spend a lot of time spamming spells only to have your enemies step away, interrupt your spells, and gain distance on you before you start moving back into range.

As to PvE, Lightning is actually very powerful there but it really doesn't come into it's own until you completely fill out the Chain Lightning line of skills in your 30s.

As to your companion's damage, if he does so much more damage than you then why are you having to heal yourself and not him? Don't be fooled by Andronikos's big attack, it has a long cast time and a long CD. You're having to heal yourself because you are out DPSing him. That was actually a huge drawback for me when I tried going without Khem. I'd much rather my companion took the damage than myself, and I found that when running with Andronikos I was having to worry about keeping both of us alive. You can dismiss/resummon your companion to full heal him in less than 5 seconds, you can do it even faster by jumping on your speeder then dismounting.

Meanwhile, Khem will hold all aggro, take a beating way better than your other companions, and since he's taking all of the damage it lowers your downtime.

A couple of tips:
-Expend your companion bar (plus sign at the end of his bar on the bottom left) make sure his skills are activated (green square), and put him into tanking stance (Button 3).
-Upgrade his gear! You can usually find a decent Strength/Endurance armor piece on the market for cheap and it make a huge difference.
-Shield him before you send him in.
-DPS down the weaker targets first, they die much more quickly and killing 2 standard mobs will lower the incoming damage more than killing 1 Strong npc.
-You have a LOT of control. Use it! Shock on normal mobs, electrocute on standards (follow it up with a tumult), Force Storm when fighting groups with standard mobs. If you're Lightning Spec, make use of your 5 second knockback + root to get melee targets off of Khem for a bit while you burn them down.
-Duo with a friend! It makes quests go faster, you can each use a companion, and you get Social points.

Things definitely start to get more difficult once you hit your 30s, but that's just because the training wheels are off and they expect you to use your class to it's full potential. You can't just pew pew and go fight to fight like other MMOs.

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12.23.2011 , 12:31 AM | #3
You're... Doing something wrong...
Dark Side
Sith Inquisitor

May your death be a painful one.

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12.23.2011 , 12:55 AM | #4

Follow this and destroy everything you encounter lol