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Endurance in tank trees. Useful or not?

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Endurance in tank trees. Useful or not?

Kadjunga's Avatar

02.26.2014 , 06:19 AM | #1

Was wondering... what is your take on the endurance in the talent trees when you are already close to min-max 78 gearing levels?

For instance, on the sin tree you could drop the 3 points in endurance and pick up the +6% thrash damage and a 7.5% movement boost (or +2% maul damage) to help out with dps on fights.

However, doing so will drop your health by roughly ~1-1.2k depending on how many improper mods/enh you have in your gear.

I've always taken the endurance in the tree since... even tho health is not a mandatory thing to have, it still gives a small buffer for the healers. However... i could count on one hand of the times when my health was spiked down to below 1% and NOT die so.. made me wonder

Would you change out the 3% endurance in your tree for some other skill points or not?

tofukiller_'s Avatar

02.26.2014 , 06:37 AM | #2
I can't comment on sins (though iirc someone said the endurance boost is nice for them), but i don't pick up the 3pt. endu boost on my PowerTech. I'd rather have Iron Fist for more Rocket punch damage and hot iron for nore flameburst damage. But thats personal preference. I am sure, someone with more experience than i have can comment on this.

MillionsKNives's Avatar

02.26.2014 , 05:08 PM | #3
I personally run with only 1 point in the endurance skill, and the other two in Thrashing Blades for my assassin, for much the same reason you describe. My thought is that if I live or die based on that ~800 health then I've got other problems.

vVvCheese's Avatar

02.26.2014 , 05:17 PM | #4
The only time I do not take the END talent is when racing a progression DPS timer. It's a change you make sacrificing tank stats just as sometimes you're forced to swap relics or off-armorings, or hilts, etc. There is no reason to try and maximize your DPS if your raid group isn't having any kind of enrage issue. Your job is to stay alive and hold threat. None of the DPS talents make a difference in your threat (they shouldn't be anyway, if they are you need to work on your rotation...or something), and there is no reason to make your healers' lives harder because you want marginally bigger #s.
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Levram's Avatar

02.26.2014 , 05:33 PM | #5
Whether or not you take skill tree points in endurance is a tanking philosophy issue, in my opinion. This is what I consider to be the priorities for a tank, in order of importance.
  1. Hold threat
  2. Take the least amount of damage possible
  3. Don't die
  4. Do as much damage as possible

Therefore, if you have no issue holding threat, "don't die" comes before "do as much damage as possible." Therefore I assign my skill tree points into increased endurance rather than a skill to increase my damage output.

Only in content where a mechanic/enrage timer is so tight that more damage from a tank is required will I swap those points back into a damage talent. For example, The Terror From Beyond fight in nightmare mode. That is one tight enrage timer, even in 78s.
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Kadjunga's Avatar

02.27.2014 , 12:47 AM | #6
threat and survival are a non-issue anyway, as is the damage output of the group.

The reason why i asked this question originally was since... the "server first" guild tanks on jedi covenant all run no endurance in their tanking trees just to min-max their raid potential even more.

the only fight where i can foresee more health to be useful is hm raptus and possibly kephiss / oasis on nim. The rest, it's more or less in the safe zone already.

Hockaday's Avatar

03.11.2014 , 02:21 AM | #7
Yes, few other places to put it. So why not? You can also run Power crystals...but eh. Depends on the build, etc. I personally run an End build for my Assassin. (For the love of God don't do this on a Jug)
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Kadjunga's Avatar

03.12.2014 , 05:24 AM | #8
Endurance high assassins are so 2.3, there is no point to using high endurance mods nowadays, you no longer receive healing every 12s and just take more damage.

As for usefulness... i've tried out both options and found the non-endurance one only boosts dps by 15-30 while giving up ~1.5k health.

If the raid is going to be short 30 dps to beat an enrage timer then yeah, i'd look into what else is going on.

Jilisipone's Avatar

03.12.2014 , 08:19 AM | #9
The question about taking those 3 points for added Endurance or not really comes down to your raid group makeup.

If you have good DPS, they should all be right on your tail and on the verge of pulling threat at all times, pushing that limit. If this is the case, the extra DPS (and hence threat) you gain from the DPS talents instead are very useful. Even if that is only a 40 DPS boost to's a 80 TPS boost, which allows each of your DPS to push an extra 70-80 DPS themselves. 75 x 4 DPS = another 300 DPS total put out, which could make a big difference on enrage timers (or just finishing ops sooner so people can get on with their lives).

If you are already miles ahead of your DPS and they are not even challenging you for threat, then I guess you could use those skill points in an Endurance talent as a buffer. But all this really does is give you a very small amount of buffer to allow a healer to "space out" and be slow in healing and/or react to a bad DPSer standing in something they shouldn't and still get a heal on you before you die. If everything is going as it should be and healing isn't being done in a reactionary fashion, those extra 1.5k HPs ultimately mean nothing. There is no difference between bouncing between 10k and 42k health vs 12k and 44k health.

The only time I really see tanks taking those extra HPS is for world first encounters. Since those guilds are doing the fights without the benefit of any on-line guides to know what to expect, much more of the healing is reactionary and in those situations those extra 1.5 - 2k HPs can make a big difference. Once healers can begin to know how damage is being dealt and how to deal with it, along with players learning which damage is avoidable, you quickly begin to loose the benefit of those extra HPs.

dipstik's Avatar

03.12.2014 , 03:42 PM | #10
there is also the argument that the decrease in time to kill the boss will decrease the amount of damage taken.