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Need advice on refer a friend

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Need advice on refer a friend

SanjayaP's Avatar

02.25.2014 , 01:23 PM | #1
As the title says, i have sent out a few invites to some friends & they interested in starting up, now while these guys turn their nose up at subs, they blow stupid amounts of money on things like LoL skins. (cosmetic purchases)

When they are up and running, without going "omg sub its the best" what initial cartel packs should i recommend & how would they achieve this "preferred status" which seems to be a step down from being sub based?

Essence_of_Light's Avatar

02.25.2014 , 01:26 PM | #2
If you aren't a sub, tbh, there isn't much point on wasting cartel coins on Cartel Packs. You might as well have them spend it on character perks that subs get free (since they're going to be preferred).

To get preferred, Im pretty sure you have to spend $5 on the game whether it be through subbing for a month or buying cartel coins.
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02.25.2014 , 01:34 PM | #3
Thank you and from my understanding preferred status means they get all the action bars and fast movement right?

DarthDymond's Avatar

02.25.2014 , 01:40 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by SanjayaP View Post
Thank you and from my understanding preferred status means they get all the action bars and fast movement right?
Here's a link to the full rundown of F2P vs Preferred vs Subscription features - just mouse-over the circles and it'll give you more info on each feature: Features

For Actions Bars, F2P start with 2, Preferred get 4, and Subs get 6.
For fast movement, Preferred and Subs get "Sprint" at level 1, F2P gets it at level 10. Both F2P and Preferred get speeder ranks later than Subs.
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02.25.2014 , 01:59 PM | #5
much appreciated gents. I am sure i can convince them to sub but let them roll with pref for the first week.