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SW:TOR Fan Fiction Index by Author and Class

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SW:TOR Fan Fiction Index by Author and Class

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07.05.2014 , 08:48 AM | #11
I'm subscribing, which means I can post, which means I can transfer my old thread descriptions here. Thanks so much for maintaining these indices, alaurin! I believe all these threads are already represented in the index posts, I'm just posting this to publicize the blurbs.

There Is No Death, There Is Only Wrath: Sith Warrior Nalenne kills her husband Quinn, finishes up her great game adventure, and is free to move on to more important things, like unrestrained Dark Side exercises and comic books. Right? Humor/longform story, Sith Warrior.;
full story is also available as a PDF download.

No Death, Only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles: The continuing adventures of Sith Warrior Nalenne and her crew. Humor/episodic, Sith Warrior.

No Death, Only Wrath: Volume 3: The adventures of Sith Warrior Nalenne and Sith Inquisitor Niselle during the Shadow of Revan storyline. Humor/longform, Sith Warrior and Sith Inquiistor.

Ruth Means Compassion: Over the course of three timelines told in parallel, Sith Warrior Ruth rises to become Wrath, loses her ideals, and - in time - finds a very good reason to try to live up to them again. Drama/longform story, Sith Warrior.;
the expanded edition is available for download PDF download.

Don't Call Them Ruth-Less: Tales of Wynston and Quinn: Circumstances lead a fortysomething Malavai Quinn into a reluctant partnership with long-term rival Agent Wynston. Minimally spoilered shenanigans ensue. Humor/episodic, vaguely Imperial Agent.

Lodestone: A Wynston/Ruth Alternate Universe: What if Imperial Agent Wynston had gone straight where he wanted to at a critical point in Warrior Ruth's timeline? This Ruth AU explores how Ruth Means Compassion would've been different. Drama/longform, Sith Warrior/Imperial Agent.

The Adventures of Forced Companions Daycare: Young companions come together at daycare, where even the worst of the worst can force admission for no reason anyone can see, conflicts erupt over everything from cookies to toy blasters, and companions are never, ever killed for bad behavior. Humor/episodic, vaguely SW/SI/IA/JK/SM/TR.

The Adventures of Forced Companions Daycare: Fallen: Young companions return to their familiar daycare - and find it altered with the sweeping changes of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Who will survive? And who will get cookies? Humor/episodic, SW/SI/IA/BH/JK/SM/TR/sortaJC.

Spoiler Warning: Sith Warrior Sevasht Warwiggins (3SWar): Light Side Sith Sevasht Warwiggins attempts to complete the Sith Warrior storyline without being driven nuts by his companions...and without revealing to them the secret that they're all in a game. Humor/shortform, Sith Warrior.;
full PDF also available for download here.

Spoiler Warning: Imperial Agent Aggerton Warwiggins: Sevasht's brother tries his hand at the Imperial Agent plot, also trying to conceal the secret from his companions. Unfinished humor/shortform.

Overcoming Adviercity: A Trooper's Tale: Trooper Vierce Savins, having spent his childhood and youth in the resistance on an Imperial-occupied planet, joins up with Havoc Squad and is promptly assigned...a former Imperial. Keeping his act together turns out to be difficult. Drama/longform, Trooper.
Cross Faction AU, bringing Vierce into conflict with Cipher Nine, is available as a PDF download.

The Light From Dromund Kaas: Brief prequel stories to Ruth Means Compassion, these are accounts from the life of Colran and Dolarra Niral, Ruth's parents. Drama, no in-game class.

Companion Holiday Drabbles 2014 has snow, egg nog, and gifts for forty companions plus three droids.

Companion KotFE friendship letters has platonic letters from thirteen companions in the prelude to Knights of the Fallen Empire.
the Short Fic Weekly Challenge - 100+ authors to date. 2600+ stories. New prompts weekly!
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07.14.2014 , 08:28 AM | #12
@Bright: The Light from Dromund Kaas wasn't in the Index so I added it to the author one (skipping the class one since its showing no in game class).

Quote: Originally Posted by ZariellCousland
Title: "STAR WARS: The Amaranthine Wrath"
Link: Story is here
Author: ZariellCousland
Class: Main class: Female Sith Warrior, secondary classes: Male Sith Assassin, Female Imperial Agent

I'm not sure if you need the rest of this information, but...

Full Summary: You know the story of the Wrath - my story. Or you think you do. Chances are, you probably think I'm a hero responsible for saving the Empire. The reality is much darker - much less picturesque. If you are like me, you are a seeker of truth. I offer it to you now. All of it - no censors, no blindfolds. Yes, I saved the Empire, but I lost so much more along the way. I hated, I conquered, I failed, I triumphed, and I loved. In the end, it was my Empire that betrayed me. My tale isn't over. This is only the beginning...

Rating: T+

Premise: What is this? This is not a novelization of the typical cannon Warrior story. It's a totally different animal. What are the main differences? A few of the Companion storylines (primarily Quinn's, Vette's, and Jaesa's) have been extensively altered while still keeping them in character. Baras's storyline is greatly altered as well. The path that this story will take greatly diverges from its cannon version, ending included, and will converge with a few of the other class storylines, especially that of the Imperial Agent.

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07.23.2014 , 01:54 AM | #13
Thanks for creating this index. Here is my first story.

Title: The Fall of the Duality
Author: Twiget
Characters: Ares - Sniper, Zyraxis - Juggernaut, X'ur - Sorcerer, Alvar’vida - Sentinel

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09.27.2014 , 09:41 PM | #14
Does anyone have mod-style powers enough to edit the subject for Luminous and remove [Working Title]?

I've changed it in editing but it never seems to show or stick.

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11.24.2014 , 08:22 PM | #15
This is a repost of an old story I had on here. But this time it is much more polished!

Title: Step Up and Impress Me- The Romance of Lord Cytharat and Cipher 8 Chapter
Author: vadess
Editor: prefers to remain anonymous
Characters: Lord Cytharat x Male Imperial Agent
Disclaimer: SWTOR, Cytharat, and the ROTHC storyline belong to Bioware, EA, and Disney now

Crimsen is Cipher 8, one of the Sith Empire's elite imperial agents. Unfortunately, Imperial Intelligence got disbanded and now he is a bit jobless. When Darth Marr sends him with a strike force to Makeb, he meets Lord Cytharat and sparks fly... This is my interpretation, and re-writing, of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel's Empire storyline in which my gay sniper meets and falls in love with Lord Cytharat.

Idea for the Story:

After much thought… I’ve decided to write a Lord Cytharat fanfic between my sniper and Cytharat. I hope you all like it! I have 3 chapters done of it so far. Must warn this will contain m x m, and won’t be a retelling of the Makeb storyline. The focus will be mostly Lord Cytharat and my agent, Crimsen, who is gay in my head canon. Furthermore, it’ll expand on the flirting lines. Who knows… MIght even expand it beyond Makeb’s story! So, without further ado, here is my version of the Makeb's Empire-side Love Story!

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11.29.2014 , 05:34 PM | #16
Title: Hand Of The Sith
Author: Buck Hodgkin
Characters: Syluri Sith Warrior, Kunga, Panithea, Arktica Sith Inquisitors, Jacyn, Crystalya Jedi Knight
Blurb: A significant divergence from the game canon story with some spoilers. The Sith Warrior is the central character and this tells the tale of her and her team.

Feel free to comment in the thread. I'll be posting new installments as time passes and muse permits.

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12.18.2014 , 01:35 PM | #17
Chapter Two of my ongoing series of the Sith Lord Syluri Ogden, Knight of the Sith is now posted.

Feel free to comment in the thread!

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01.07.2015 , 08:55 PM | #18
Since I have little excerpts that dont quite fit prompts, I made a thread for my characters! I figured I'd help out with the indexing and finding and stuff like that.

Title: Bound By Ties of Blood and Oath
Author: CapnJayde
Class: Ensemble piece though it will have several excerpts that only show one particular character at a time. As of now that is Nataliea Rand (Republic Trooper), Jayde Lynn Rand (Smuggler) (i'll edit this when the other sister comes up!)
MJayde66, CapnJayde, Jaydzia, The Rand Legacy

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01.12.2015 , 10:58 AM | #19
alaurin, a question since I don't know where else to ask. I just started perusing the forums lately and found this section I was totally unaware of and have to give kudos to you and the community for sharing their works. I have a crossover I have written of swtor and warcraft that I have posted on fanfiction,net. After reading the guidelines here I am certain it's much too large to share here. (300K words spanning 3 installments and currently working on a 4th that at present is 70K words and still in progress) I would happily share this with this community if they are so inclined to read it, and I am bringing this to your attention for perhaps some guidance on how to do so.
The main character is my sage that finds himself on Azeroth and the 3 books explores his journey on a world far from his home galaxy. All of my swtor toons I play are either characters that appear in the story (another sage, a smuggler, and a knight all arrive on Azeroth at the end of book 2 and continue to the end of the main trilogy in book 3 plus a faction of sith that comes from the time of the Great Hyperspace War era) or are equivalents of their warcraft counterparts.
Thank you for your time and consideration, and to the rest of the writers here I wish continued success and look forward to now begin reading some of the works posted in this forum.
Author of the A Jedi in Azeroth series on

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01.22.2015 , 11:23 AM | #20
Title: Trouble, Destiny and Other Complications


Author: frauzet

Characters: This is an ensemble piece featuring all classes: Thorns, BH * Ciner, SW * Rufuro, SI * Smilo, IA *
Nikeo, Trooper * Gizalen, Smuggler * Arkeo, JC * Phorik, JK * Neela, Mirialan Force-user * Iolith, redacted

Blurb: Loosely following the various class stories, a bunch of people need to learn to work together in order to achieve a common goal.
Author of "Trouble, Destiny and Other Complications" and the AU "Caught"
Participant of the "Short Fic Weekly Challlenge Thread!"
All my stories from TDaOC and SFWC in chronological order