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PvP Server Question...

mpddispatch's Avatar

02.22.2014 , 10:00 PM | #1
Ok, so I am thinking of branching out of my traditional PvE role on Jedi Covenant and rolling PvP on a diiferent server. My question is....which server? I have played PvE, with the occasional PvP match, since the game launched so I am not a rookie to the game by any means. I just haven't PvP'd that much.

I would like to hear some input by players who are currently on a PvP server. US servers only please. Please leave the server bashing at the door.

Which servers have high populations?

Which servers have a good faction balance?

Which servers have Open World PvP?

Which servers have good pop times on Queue?

And since I know I will get a lot of people claiming their server is the best........tell me why.

Thank you