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The $100.00 Rancor Mount

Isaacone's Avatar

02.25.2014 , 02:36 PM | #31
Will you people please give it a rest with the rancor mount already. There will be one in future cm packs which in turn will appear on gtn at 10 million credits a piece. This is just the first one to be added to the game and it so happens to be the ranked pvp players who are getting it. Youll get your stupid rancor mount. Be glad theyve finally added animal mounts to this game after 2 years. Gosh some of you are hard to please. when they add one thing youve been wanting you then proceed to complain how its not perfect

Joesixxpack's Avatar

02.25.2014 , 03:18 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Klarick View Post
Those that do well in PvE, get special mounts.
Those that do well in PvP, get a Rancor mount.

There needs to be something for those of us that do well in the most important game of all:

The Game of Life.

I propose the $100.00 Rancor as a trophy-mount for those that succeed where it truly counts.