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CrewSkill Master 1.2 Update

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CrewSkill Master 1.2 Update

Akurei_Part_Two's Avatar

02.21.2014 , 08:21 AM | #1
For those unfamiliar with the project, CrewSkill Master (CSM). It is an application you can use to track crafting, or just about anything, across multiple characters. But it's not just limited to the game, for example my guild master uses it to time his naps lol.

I've pushed through several updates since my last posting here. Figured I'd share.
-Now includes a very basic calculator that can sit on top of the game for quick auction house math
-Background graphics have been removed to make reading the pertinent information easier
-The popup display when a job is over now displays the character that finished their job
-Alarm now has a volume control (I had multiple guildies report people asking if they had to leave when they heard the siren thinking there was an actual emergency)

Any who hope some people find this helpful