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Is Noxxic really that bad ?

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Is Noxxic really that bad ?

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02.21.2014 , 04:34 AM | #1
There seem to be a generel idea in the community that noxxic is bad.

I would like to ask, is it really that bad, and if so, what would you recommend instead.

Is it ALL noxxic that is bad ? Both talent builds, stat priority and rotations.

Please help a helpless soul

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02.21.2014 , 04:37 AM | #2
I didn't realise there was an issue, I have always used it for talent builds

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02.21.2014 , 08:52 AM | #3
My guild doesn't like Noxxic, it's a good place to get a starting feel for Stat priorities, builds, and rotations, but experience trumps Noxxic. When I got my Gunslinger to 55, I asked my guilds top 2 slingers for help, both of which just learned the class by experience, not Noxxic. I would ask people in your guild if you can.

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02.21.2014 , 08:57 AM | #4
In response to this thread, I link you, THE PYRO POWERTECH GUIDE BY NOXXIC!

Things they got right:
A Pyrotech PT wants 25% crit rate in Full Dread Forged (though less than dread forged you want less)

Things they got wrong:
Their spec is 5/5/36, ignoring the important +3% crit talent for +3% RS damage, and ignoring automated defenses for Sweltering Heat (***), and then telling you that Thermal Detonator is a MUST HAVE skill, then telling you to avoid using it like the plague, and saying both flamethrower and DFA are better uses of your time (which they definately aren't).

There are other examples of poorly written guides, but thats the main one that truly made me facepalm at their sight.


Dulfy's class guides (WiP, some are outdated for 2.6 but its still much better than noxxic)
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02.21.2014 , 09:40 AM | #5
When I saw a Noxxic tank guide recommend a threat drop as a defensive ability ...


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02.21.2014 , 01:27 PM | #6
If you followed Noxxic recommendations as a casual player you'll be fine, but they can be a bit off or misleading on the finer details for some classes (not necessarily all), such as stat stacking, rotations, etc..
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02.21.2014 , 02:01 PM | #7
Noxxic is gawdawful.

First off, they don't seem to update their builds. The Combat Medic Commando PvE build claims to be updated for 2.6 but still puts 2 points in Frontline Medic instead of Kolto Wave. (I'd also recommend taking 1 point out of First Responder and putting it into Efficient Conversions.) The Balance Shadow PvE build is messed up worse than the spec itself, leaving points out of key talents including the all-important Sever Force, as if it was hastily built a year ago and not touched since. (If you look at the Balance Shadow rotation guide, they recommend using Shadow Strike whenever Infiltration Tactics procs. Infiltration Tactics hasn't been available to the Balance spec since before 2.0 rolled in April 2013.)

Their rotation advice is overly simplistic, presenting everything as a simple priority system. The Combat Sentinel guide says you should use Zen and Precision Slash on cooldown but neglects to mention that they should be used together to fit an extra GCD into the PS window. Oddly, it also says to "[m]aintain the buff from Zen" which isn't actually possible, since you can't build Centering while Zen is active. Stealth-DPS guides mention Disappearing Act/Cloaking Screen and Force Cloak as defensive cooldowns only without mentioning the key role they play in delivering burst damage for Scrapper/Concealment and Infiltration/Deception. The Commando Combat Medic guide says to use Supercharge Cells as often as possible, neglecting the tremendous usefulness of saving it for times of burst healing. They don't understand burst in general, really.

Dulfy's guides are good overall. Use them instead.
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Hey there, all! This thread has passed the dreaded 1,000 post limit, and is now in fire. Thanks for the fun, but we feel this discussion as run its course. We will not be restarting this thread.
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02.22.2014 , 05:33 AM | #8
It's a great looking website that helped me a lot when starting the game as It showed me the basics. After that it's your responsibility to test things out and optimize yourself.
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mastirkal's Avatar

02.22.2014 , 12:24 PM | #9
Noxxic<<<<<<<Dulfy<Specific Class guides in the forums. That's not even me hating on my own guildie.

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02.22.2014 , 12:35 PM | #10
I went to noxxic to get a basic idea on how to do a skills build. Otherwise I have just played the game my own way and learned my class build and rotations and everything my own way. 2 months ago when I was in full 69/72 gear that I had been in since the expansion and got kicked from hm czerka core meltdown for "having my stats wrong and being under geared" and was then told to go to noxxic. that pissed me off. yes my skills build was kind of on the bad side. I was still running hm fps since 2.0 and rarely having wipes. But being told to go noxxic after having played for a year is something I don't want to be told especially when Im geared right and have never had a problem.