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So I just finished the Jedi knight story...

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So I just finished the Jedi knight story...

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02.26.2014 , 03:39 AM | #11
Just finished Knights story yesterday evening - i gotta say i didnt like it too much. Quite predictable, rather boring - but i guess it was to be expected from one of the most cannonic archetypes in star wars.


I've got only two stories left to see and that are Sith Warrior and Smuggler ones. So far my ranking would be:

1. Imperial Agent - brilliant, just brilliant. Plot twists, your choices actually matter and shape your future, voice acting, great, not obvious companions, interesting NPC's. That story had it all + more. Definitely best one, played it twice and it was always top quality fun.

2. Sith Inquisitor - from zero to hero with a dark (sometimes VERY dark) theme + some quality fun DS moments. I tried to play it more balanced, more pragmatic and i felt like it was a good choice.
Companions were quite nice and i gotta say i LOVE Lord Zash, definitely one of my favourite characters in swtor.

3. Bounty Hunter. The story might not be overall great - predictable (maybe except the start of ACT 2), so-so written etc. Thing is, BH story had that great "feeling" of being a bounty hunter and HAD THOSE FEW MOMENTS.

Companions were also very good, and many players have a love/hate reltionship with at least a few of them (mind you that is a symptom of a well written character).

4. Jedi Knight.

5. Trooper - boring, predictable, almost no interesting characters/companions (maybe with a few exceptions, see spoiler) - but it was similiar to the BH story in having the "feeling" of really being the Havoc Squad member, and a top soldier in the Republic. Biggest problem in this story though is no real "bad guy", just mission, after mission, after mission.

6. Consular story. I hated it, it was so boring it made me want to skip it and do almost only FP and PVP during leveling. Played it on DS - as i dont like being LS in the republic, to make it maybe a bit more surprising, but no. It was often a choice of being all LS Jedi-way bull#*@%, or rather silly DS crap. Didnt get attached to a single character throughout the whole story. Well ok, maybe Tharan+Holiday were nice from time to time, but thats it.

Sorry for the wall of text, tbh i didnt expect it to be so huge:P
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02.28.2014 , 07:55 AM | #12
I've just finished the Sith Warrior story and it's my favorite so far, mind you I've only played the Inquisitor and half of the Imperial Agent and Jedi Guardian. Didn't care much for the Inquisitor story tbh. Agent story might have been a little overhyped, but it's the only one where I actually felt like not min/maxing my dark & light side choices. My Agent was a nice person at heart but put emotional feelings aside when it came to serving the empire & always got the job done. I had fun up to a point, maybe I should keep going though because I'm sure it only gets better.

Female Sith Warrior has the best voiceover imo, so b*adass. Male warrior is good too but not quite as convincing somehow.

I want to make a Vanguard next but everyone says the trooper story is so bland

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02.28.2014 , 10:06 AM | #13
I have finished all the classes and I have to say the one I found the least rewarding was the Trooper

Now don't get me wrong, I loved the Trooper story in a lot of places and I think it was very close to my idea of Republic Soldier plus I loved the game play etc.


All the other classes I felt were fitting to their stories and I've very little complaint about any of them.
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03.01.2014 , 06:45 PM | #14
I agree the end was a tad underwhelming. but compared to the other classes it seems the most StarWars-ish and dramatic. particularly on the Pub side. Considering they had 8 stories with 3 chapters each on their plate, i was quite satisfied with how knight played out. But i've never completed an imperial toon so idk.
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